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  1. Thanks Mike! 1) Don't know - We've always been on the move until recently. It may be the case! 2) Trying with select radiators turned on now as well 3) Bought through a brokerage but will ask them (it's an ex-hire so the previous owner was likely the marina close by)
  2. Will give this a go with each radiator (none in the bathroom). Thank you.
  3. Robbiecs


  4. When turning the white plastic valve in the top left of the photo it simply starts to trickle water from the valve itself. I'm assuming because the calorifier stores hot water from the engine heat - This is then turned on and allowing hot water to flow? I think you're right regarding the brass valve being the hot/cold blender. The black rubber pipe leads from the calorifier (bottom middle) to what I think is the PRV - Red twist valve that starts to trickle water out if the black rubber pipe, that goes up past the white valve (this simply leads under the floorboards...) We had considered that we might need to have a radiator running simultaneously to keep water moving. The radiators work without any influence from the external thermostat (which I think was turned off last time we tried to have one radiator heating and trying hot water). So will give that another go. Sadly all if the pipes run behind the wall panels and I'm yet to take them off to see what leads where. Thanks again for your help! Really appreciate it. Great suggestion - We're learning a lot everyday and happy to take as much guidance as possible. Currently moored in Croxley/Rickmansworth area.
  5. Thanks for the info, both. Boat is 2003 build. Big tall, skinny boiler as both described. The instruction manual suggests it does heat the water too but it is the instructions for 2 models, perhaps mine is the simpler if the two? Lots if valves and pipes on the calorifier under where the old bed was... Any suggestions as to which might isolate the radiators? It may be the case that this version only does the rads too but want to troubleshoot all possibilities! Thanks again! Thanks Tony. Photo of calorifier attached.
  6. Hi all, recently bought our first boat and have been continueous cruising so the engine has heated the water through the calorifier. Now we're staying put for a couple of weeks at a time we would like to use the Alde Comfort 2928 for hot water whilst keeping the radiators turned off! The boiler has been recently serviced so works well. We've turned all the individual radiators off and turned the external thermostat on high but the water is still not warming up! (The radiators get nice and hot quickly when turned on). We've referenced all the instruction manuals but these are mostly on how to turn on the boiler etc. From reading forums etc I'm beginning g to think it could be a restictor valve? But no clue what that looks like on the boiler/calorifier. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Robbie
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