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  1. Sounds fab! So today I managed to get to the fuel pump (twin) and through the nylon fuel pipe I can see lots of air bubbling away so was really chuffed, did more running of the engine to push fuel and air thru’ and still can’t get it shifted! It works for a bit then air is being drawn in from somewhere, so I’m afraid I’ve given up and will have to call in the Profs! hey ho........ all the best to you .
  2. That’s sounds very feasible! Will check all avenues - Its a 2YBA 10hp....... lovely sound engine too. thanks for your advice - happy boating! This is the engine room and I have re-designed the cabin!
  3. Hi Alan thanks so much for your quick reply. all as mentioned I have done. Tank is 3/4 full. All joints and unions were checked and re-checked the filter is only 2 weeks old but have today put in a brand new filter...... just incase......all seals/washers etc are new in today too, all sitting pretty! Thing is there is not one ‘splutter’, engine sounds wonderful until it starts to ‘die’ but she does pick up the revs again...... I’m going to try the fuel pump tomorrow, could be that needs a ‘bleed’ it’s just a pig to get to!
  4. Hi all - is there anyone out there that has a 2 cylinder Ruston Hornsby Engine? We seem to be having a lot of trouble with air in the system. I have completely overhauled the twin fuel filters, new seals, washers, filters etc.......bled ever bleed screw I can find. Undid to large nuts on the injectors - lots of air came out....... have run it in gear for over 2 hours now trying to push through and whilst it hasn’t completely died!! The revs dip quite a bit...... I have it running now, half hour into another hour, and it’s running, sounds sweet but revs keep dropping! It’s starts up ok too........ ......we have been towed in twice in the last 2 weeks- getting embarrassing now ??. Can anyone offer some other advice!! Thanks
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