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Bob Irvine

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  1. Thanks again to all. If there are volunteers working on the day it will be reassuring to the wife. Nice to have a few options depending upon what time we make Barbridge Junction. Nothing can stop us now bar a mutinous crew.
  2. Thanks for the input Ladies & Gents. I think my heart always said south (despite the recent thread on Middlewich locks!) Both routes were calculated for 4 days, but obviously novices and dogs may slow things down. I love a plan, but setting a punishing schedule would defeat the object in this case. If I only get to Barbridge and back, that is fine as long as everyone is smiling.
  3. Hello, the title pretty much gets to the point. Returning to the canals after 20 years for a short break with the family and dogs. None of them are boat savvy, and I would like it to go really well so that it may become a regular thing. I would like them to be relaxed yet interested. The way I see it at present is; Option 1) North onto the Bridgewater, probably as far as Pennington Flash and back. Pros; No locks for the novices, pub every night, quieter since 1 week limit introduced(?), Lymm and Worsley pleasant(?) Cons; lot of urban/rundown areas , motorway noise and run by Peel. Option 2) South onto Middlewich Branch and out to Beeston Castle and back. Pros; more rural, pub for most nights, familiar with the area. Cons; decent number of locks for the novices, but nothing crazy (they have to get used to them eventually). If I can get them comfortable handling the boat, I can do more lock work, or maybe I should just act single handed until they pick it up? Other info: Dogs (small) will be an added complication and will be lifejacketed. Child is a better swimmer than the adults. I do realise as a hirer I will be the first suspect/scapegoat when one is required...… All advice/points of view welcome.
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