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  1. I would like to say avery big thank you to all that have given me the benefit of their experience in relation to my dilema. I may need to rethink my dream of cruising the waterways in the short term, (And to those who queried it I do mean cruising in the true sense). But hopefully it wont be too long before I get out there and get to meet some of you in person. Happy cruising to you all. Pengie
  2. Help! I am really torn. Having enjoyed canal boat breaks I want to take it further!. I have found a project boat built in 1971 (not springer!) that has been sitting in a marina for 18mths/2 years. It is fibreglass topped but has a steel hull recently part overplated with updated survey 2 years ago. Basic gas set up with a recently updated recon paloma water heater plus gas oven/fridge. Only one battery, Lister engine (SR2?) No heating and smellls of damp (but presumed it would do if not used for that long??) Windows and interior need replacing and currently no insulation but interior is currently useable. It has been on sale for a month or so. I plan to insulate, add a wood burner to heat and sort a new DIY interior (I know someone who can sort some double glazed windows) Add a couple of batteries and some solar power.Then use twice a month plus so I stay within the 14 day Constant Cruiser rules (Do they really stick to the 14 day movement rigidly?) I have arranged an internal and new hull survey as I know nothing about boats. (It has a remaining 3 1/2 year BSS and was blacked 2 years ago) Am I mad and living in a dream world, or is it a case of get going and learn as you go? Is there a reason it hasnt sold having been on the market for so long? Does the age mean the engine or something else is very likely to go caput as soon as I leave the Marina? Will I be able to run it effectively without all the gubinge of a calorifier/ Inverter/Radiators etc Will I just be throwing loads of money at it for maintenance bearing in mind its age? I have made a deposit (subject to survey) The surveys are next week but I am starting to think "am I being Naive"? Any constructive comments/ thoughts/ helpfull tips or just general "dont do it you idiot" (if applicable!) would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Pengie


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