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  1. Hi all, I am a member of an canal angling group on FB and there was a recent thread from a member complaining that a NB came close to the bank where he was fishing. From the thread it appears there is no reason for a boat to come so close as there was, reportedly, no other boat coming the other way etc. Now this is all an aside as the point of this post is about something more concerning. In the angling group a sizeable number of comments, of which there are many, clearly demonstrate a 'dislike' for boats and boaters. The amount of vitriol displayed surprised me. Many said they would often (and admitted doing it often) use their catapults to shoot maggots at the boat, even with advice to others to aim for open windows or open back doors, some would used their catapults to fire metal shot and lead weights at the boat or person. One comment even stated to say to a boater "..I know the name of your boat and which way you are going. Have a nice night's sleep!". Now on the flip side some anglers said boats aren't a problem and to live and let live etc (which were the small minority in the thread I saw) and I am sure occasionally boaters can also be in the wrong too. Have any on this forum had such experiences but also any good experiences with anglers. What are everyone's thoughts on this? Cheers B
  2. Hello everyone... I'm a bit of a greenhorn I guess so here goes the intro... Due to health concerns (not life or death... yet!) I've recently moved my sorry arse and my business back to the UK after 15 years in the Middle East. I travel a lot so the thought of being tied to a house doesn't sit well so I decided a NB would suit. It's cost effective as I can work from the boat when chilling out between trips to far away places. In a nutshell living in the UK on a boat means I can work less and save more if I manage things well enough. After much research and many marina visits I've gotten myself a 43ft trad which is on the limit for smallness for liveaboard but i'm new to boating and it's a 2010 build with a simple interior fit and a vetus engine. I'm alone most of the time and I'm used to living in small spaces in harsh climates so I know i'll be comfortable; I can always upgrade in the future. I will be moored in Barton Marina from mid September and am looking forward to a UK winter... Now is the time to put the theory into practice... all assistance welcome and I look forward to being part of the bigger boating family in the months and years ahead. TTFN Baghdaddy
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