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  1. Why a Narrow Boat or GRP

    but the question was asked on a canal forum
  2. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    I carry spares on my boat for routine maintenance ie filters alternator belts spare alternator would I call them to replace an alternator belt no I would not, this is a part that has failed and like your starter motor is covered in their t & c, like your starter motor would you be happy if your starter motor failed and they told you its not covered due to age wear and tear,they also told me that if its the rubber seals in the injection pump its not covered yet as in their T & c it states rubber seals that require routine wear and tear replacement are not covered yet this rubber seal is not something that you would replace on a regular interval or servicing.
  3. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    this would have been easy for me to fix but I have heart disease and i`m under Papworth again so look like more stents time I also have to look after wife who is a paraplegic.
  4. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    diesel is getting into sump and leaking from top of pump don`t want to risk over run.
  5. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    I`m more concerned about an item that is covered in their parts replacement not being covered due to age and the say gaskets or rubber seals are not covered yet I can`t see anything in the T & C about this , to me if the say they will not pay due to age wear and tear then not unless the engine or parts are new then they won`t.
  6. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    ok what do you all think to this estimate. the fuel leak is from one of the injection pumps engine is a Isuzu 38. Dear Mr James Maccuaig, Please find below details of the work required. Job Number: 104392 Member Code: Craft Name: Supplier: 210642 Still Game RCR Details: fuel leak from the injectors from the bolts. Pictures below. Notes: Following on form your conversation with the engineer in the office, we have prepared and estimate to undertake the work to remove your injection pump and send to specialist for investigation. If the issue is due 'a unforeseen mechanical failure' then these costs will be covered by your RCR membership with just a £50 excess, and even if we find a broken spring or washer this will activate the claim. However as the pump is leaking and their is diesel in your oil there is a chance this is just a seal issue related to age and deterioration. Attend and disconnected pipes and remove injectors and injection pump/s Take for refurb and return and refit fitting new gaskets Bleed system and test This is an estimate so costs can go up or down depending on parts or labour used to complete your job. Any labour time outside of the estimate will be charged at £22.50 per half hour. All parts are charged at RRP. You will only ever pay for parts or labour that are used. Please note that this is a rough estimate based on a typical installation requirements. Item Name Quantity Unit Price Total Price Injection pump/s 1 £450.00 £450.00 Labour & travel over 2 visits 6 £40.00 £240.00 Canal Contracting Charge 1 £50.00 £50.00 Total Cost: £740.00 River Canal Rescue Ltd trading as Canal Contracting Company Registration No: 4126409 VAT Registration No: 823673325
  7. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    Were have i implied that they have no rules of course they have rules but they will not be the same as cart all i can find is their Commercial vessel registration charges.
  8. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    but the boat is on ea waters it has nothing to do with cart.
  9. I own Shropshire Lass 1 it was built by stoke boats Longport same as Shropshire lass two ,you could also speak to Dave at Grahams boats Hillmorton he`s built one and is building anther next year.
  10. ISUZU Head Gasket work

    Are you sure they need re-tightened thought they had stretch bolts.
  11. CART connection charge

    there is something already on these lines its called a rod licence.
  12. Dispute at Pillings

    go to street view
  13. Two men dead, one on towpath?

    would you realay, is that from personal experience,having had 3 heart attacks before 39 years old fitted with 3 stents and still suffer from unstable angina is not much fun ether it can also be a long painful death for some with no cure.
  14. which inverter

    never tried running a hover or washing machine from a composting toilet does the methane run a generator.