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  1. Thanks folks! Really appreciate all the input and food for thought, looking forward to seeing the boat and will give an update after!
  2. In boating context what does planning permission represent?
  3. Pardon me, but I don't quite understand this bit! I agree with you that the likelihood is that if they haven't sorted themselves it's a bigger issue, and that's the impression I got from the broker. Yes! I just wanted to budget in my head for worst case scenario so I don't end up up a creek (or submerged in one) I'm going to! Tomorrow, shifts this week haven't allowed a sooner visit. What does PP mean?
  4. I meant that jovially!! Assumed it came across in the tone of writing! but yes! Give away! Forgot there were profiles!
  5. Thanks everyone! Love the (correct) assumption that I'm a she. Slough is the pits, but the jobs worth it. Maybe in the future I'll get to live in a nice place on a nicer canal stretch, but at the moment the location is non negotiable, and I would not have time to reliably continually cruise either, so it's a residential mooring or no boat basically. I think it has potential and looks cheery enough, in fact I took the link down to make it harder for people to pinch it from under my nose until I made my mind up hahaha! I will definitely heed all this advice, and look forward to much much more as I feel this is going to be a frequent port of call!! In that vein, I will be working a variable shift pattern including nights, does anyone have any experience or advice in that sleeping arrangement on a boat? Gutted to hear the chippy is no good!
  6. Catweasel: Thanks! Initially houseboat, maybe considering some cruising after next summer, so the engine isn't a rapid issue. Not yet! And of course, it's not been surveyed since last purchase 2003
  7. Mike: Thanks! That's what I thought, the residential mooring is very attractive, and I wouldn't be wanting to immediately cruise so would have time to look over the engine properly and get sound advice on it, and I'd love to learn how to tinker with it myself! Trying to think about the boat in say 5years, i looked up about letting it and yes! Fraught process and I can see why I couldn't find any!!
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  10. Hi, New to the site and the excitement of potential boat ownership. I am moving to Slough in August, and had been contemplating trying to find a long term narrowboat rent, but that seems to have been difficult to source even with friend of friend of friend input. While looking around I have spotted a boat that would be within my budget via finance to buy, and assume approximately £7k additional costs this year (and this being equatable to the cost of land-rent) that would be conveniently residentially moored in Iver for where I am moving to work (15 min cycle commute). However, I am naive and often overly optimistic, and would appreciate some more experienced views on the potential of this narrowboat, in conjunction to my discussions with the broker, the boat yard, friends and an upcoming survey. Notably, the engine is non functioning currently, and it needs TLC inside. Boat ~ asing £21500 47ft Colecraft with Residential Mooring £21,500 The boat has been with the current owner since 2003 and this is when the last survey report was carried out. The vessel has had Epoxy applied in 2004 and again in 2012. Windows have been replaced with double glazing. This vessel comes with a residential mooring at Iver. Built in 1989. Fitted by Rory Marine & Weltonfield. Isizu 3cyl (not running – requires o’haul / replacement) diesel engine. 2 berth – fixed double in own cabin. Morso solid fuel stove with back boiler. Pump out and chemical toilet. BSC to 11/2021. Key Features Builder: Colecraft Type: Narrowbeam Fitted: Rory Marine & Weltonfield Year: 1989 Length: 47ft / meters Beam: 6ft 10in Draught: c.2ft BSC to:11/2021 Costs this year Survey ~£400 Mooring: ~£3008pa Licence ~£864.69pa BSC ~ £87.50pa Council tax ~£1229pa Fuel: Gas £150pa, Coal/Wood: £50pa; Leccy by meter Insurance ~£250pa Communications: £40pm Costs over next 2 years Engine: for example if I bought a brand new Kubota Beta Marine 25 Greenline, It looks about £6k. I may not need to buy, or buy brand new, but I'm putting the £6k as the price in my mind? Blacking ~£800 Other Renovations: £~5k Any input very much appreciated, please and thank you! Does this seem even somewhat sane?
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