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  1. Bob692

    Mushroom vents

    I have 5 equispaced standard 4" mushroom vents plus vents in the fore and aft double doors. The boat is 57" cruiser stern.
  2. Bob692

    Mushroom vents

    Ok thanks. I wondered if it was a modification from the previous owners, but it seems it is quite usual. Will be getting my BSS at the end of the month, I will leave it in and see what he says.
  3. Bob692

    Mushroom vents

    The mushroom vents on our new to us NB are plugged with a filter medium somewhat like you get in an extractor fan although a bit coarser, I assume to keep bugs out. Is this usual? Or should I remove it? The fore and aft door louvered vents do not have any of this stuff between them.
  4. BTW do they float? or do you keep them at water level by adjusting the lines?
  5. Yes, I wanted them for the shroppie shelf and other places where it's difficult to get right along side. Thanks, that's perfect.
  6. Bob692


  7. Are the puncture proof wheels too solid to make a good fender? Or are they the ones to get?
  8. Thank you all for your input and solutions.
  9. Bob692


    Thank you everyone, I now have a few options I can explore without getting myself in trouble with the law. BTW this retailer https://www.mobilesignalboosters.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKCAiA66_xBRBhEiwAhrMuLThdBZ0ki3_MukFipmzp5vZTkbwgrDw1J0E1FkGQz7qU9uUXEwRgrxoCuxsQAvD_BwE does not mention that it is illegal for a booster on a boat in fact helps you choose the best type for a boat. Nearly got myself in hot water but the people here put me on the right track.
  10. Bob692


    I did not realise that a phone sim would work in a 4G router I had assumed you needed a data only sim. Now that is interesting.
  11. Bob692


    It seems mobile phone signal boosters are illegal not the type of equipment you have
  12. Bob692


    My Idea for a mobile phone booster is a non starter as I am informed it is illegal even though a NB is almost a Faraday cage. I guess the law is really for wooden and GRP boats as its OK in a car or truck. We are not continuous cruisers and don't want to sign up to MiFi with a contract. Is there any legal way of getting an improved mobile signal within a NB so as to use our data allowance?
  13. Oh dear, how is this breaking the law?
  14. We are not continuous cruisers so don't want to sign up to a MiFi contract and invest in that type of equipment, but would like to improve the mobile signal within the NB and use the data allowance on our phones. We are considering the one off investment in a mobile signal booster. Has anybody else done this? Any recommendations of which type of equipment? https://www.mobilesignalboosters.co.uk/product/mobile-booster-4g-lte-300-sqm?gclid=CjwKCAiA66_xBRBhEiwAhrMuLdQGsMlXEw_2Y8rTf-nhNA6T2w5cpcP7wCGYwraLTdDo0uBryhrtmRoC-RMQAvD_BwE
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