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  1. Are these any good? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. This is all good feedback. Thanks......... Sounds like they will be quality boats in good nick but I guess with relatively high engine hours. I know as a hirer we were always told to run the engine for at least 5 hours a day to ensure the batteries were well charged as they don't know how sensible the hirers are going to be with lights, hair dryers etc. I suppose you have to include in the equation modifying the layout, IE removing extra beds etc. They are usually built to fit as many people in as possible often with very little salon space. Very few have a stove etc, and all will be pump outs. As usual "buyer beware"
  3. We are looking first our first NB after years of hiring. An impression we have formed is the ex hire boats seem expensive compared to other boats on brokerage. Is there a reason for this or are they just trying it on? Perhaps a bit like ex hire car, might have high mileage but you know its been well maintained but could have been thrashed. Would appreciate any advice.
  4. Thanks all, Clockwise and Lapworth Locks it is! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
  5. We are planning on doing a ring from Napton Junction. We have 3 weeks. Napton Junction - Fradley Junction - Great Hayward Junction - Autherley Junction - Old Turn (Deep Cuttings Junction) - Lapworth Junction - Napton Junction. At Old Turn (Deep Cuttings Junction) would you go down the Worcester and Birmingham via King's Norton Junction, or left onto the Birmingham and Fazeley ( the way Canal planner recommends)?
  6. Thanks all for your considered replies. I had't understood the difference between the PRM 120 and PRM 150, thought it was just a size/rating thing. Almost all the boats we are interested in on brokerage are in the combination of 35-38 HP with a PRM 120 and 40-45 HP with a PRM 150. I don't think I have seen 35-38 HP with a PRM 150. I have seen a 55 ft with a 45 HP engine and a 60 ft with a 35 HP so there is a complete mix. As for a vast majority of the time the boat will be on 'ordinary' canals I am enough of an engineer to realise that a smaller engine working slightly harder will be more efficient and will be better for it than a larger engine just on tick-over.
  7. We are about to buy our first second hand narrow boat after many years of hiring. We are after a 55 - 60 ft for extended cruising (almost continuous) and would like to do rivers as well as canals, ie Thames, and Ribble link to the Lancaster etc. Is a 38HP with PRM 120 or equivalent man enough for the job or do we need a 42 HP with PRM 150.
  8. Thanks again for all the feedback. I was pretty sure 3 weeks would be fine, good old canal planner had never let me down so far , it was just when I went on the CRT website, it reckoned 3 weeks plus (see link below), so I just wanted to make sure. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/planning-your-boat-trip/cruising-rings/leicester-ring
  9. Thanks for the feedback, another example of canal boaters generosity. I didn't mention but we (me&wife) are doing it in the first 3 weeks in October. So I wanted plenty of slack for windy and very rainy days when we might have to just hunker down.
  10. I am thinking of doing the Leicester ring from Napton. Is three weeks OK? Canal Planner seems to think so but any feedback would gladly be received. Are the levels on the Soar usually OK?
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