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  1. Need info on sports cruisers, where they can go, canals, rivers, Norfolk broads, sea. Is the licence cost different. Are they good value for money and higher build quality than like a grp river cruiser. What engines are in these things. Will there be problems if you want to convert to electric eventually. Are they petrol or diesel. And any tiny little thing you can think of. Thanks
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. With what you are getting for your money, condition, and build quality, against price, if the inexperienced can see the discrepancy, then something is 'glaringly' wrong.
  4. When a new guy like the author of this topic, who knows little about boats, feels boats are overpriced, that carries weight, and the market should listen. If he can't be duped, then it's going to be hard for vendors to dupe people that know the game.
  5. Only had one bad experience with RCR early on before I realised I could do engines. He was just a kid though, so I forgave that. Other than this, all good. I Trust them more than I do the independent call out guys.
  6. It is a bad time, most boats are overpriced for what you get for your money now. People are trying it on, especially the price of cruisers, crazy. But if you're waiting for that bad time to end, I fear it won't unfortunately.
  7. It's a lot of information to take in when you're new here. What's most likely to happen though, is that against your situation and some practicalities you are just going to fall in love with a boat you see online, or view in person, as most of us did. Like with house hunting, you know when you're home. What I'm saying in essence is yes take a considered approach, it's smart to do so, but don't feel overwhelmed and enjoy this process shopping for a boat getting on lots of them and looking around. A lot of it will happen naturally.
  8. I had a dream last night about a member making a parting post as they were not well. Is there an 'In Memoriam' section for members of this community here? There are a lot of good people that should be remembered.
  9. I've always gone slow myself so as not to disturb things for fishermen. I shouldn't care really, I don't agree with the cruelty of fishing. The myth about fish not feeling pain was disproven a long time ago. All life has to feel pain otherwise it will wipe itself out. Just do what you want, if it drives them out good. Some are just scoping boats to steal from and pretending to be fishing anyway.
  10. He sounded awful. I'm glad you saw him off. I would have done the same, maybe not as subtle, he deserved worse! I think a round of applause is in order!
  11. Scroll back! In the wild, When little gangs of beta's form thinking they're safe in a group, and the pack instinct kicks in, the alpha smashes them. You 'have' to! I'd rather be civil and stick to the issues on forums. Thanks for the support Phil.
  12. Wrong! But some pretend to be everyone's friend in order to empty their pockets maybe?
  13. I'm not spoilt, and I can accept not being able to do what I want when I want. This lifestyle has its limitations if you are a constant cruiser and don't live in a 'sardine city', as this lady is considering doing, where you do not have to moor close to others. Constant cruisers (real boaters) have grit and are tough people!
  14. My experience of inverters is that they just drain your batteries in no time. I wouldn't buy another one myself. I'm surprised people still use them. I'd advise a generator, it covers all your needs If they change over time.
  15. Very interesting! I heard brokers have a percentage they take, and a minimum fee for each sale. So are they trying to get as much money for you as they can, or are they wanting to put the lowest price possible on your boat. Do they make more money from a quick turnover?
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