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  1. Brilliant thank you. We need to find someone who'll make one for us, are there any recommendations please?
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation to have a cross bed made and fitted in our boat please? Thank you
  3. People can be so rude, at my age I'm not sure why this still shocks me.
  4. Fantastic, thank you for that link
  5. I have no idea if I'm opening a can or worms here so apologise if I am, I appreciate that these topics can become emotive, but what are general thoughts on theming a boat? We want to rename our boat after my late parents, we also have a theme in mind that is linked to them and specific special memories, I'm not a gawdy person so would want it done tastefully, but appreciate it'd be changing the look of the boat quite significantly, hence after opinions please. Thank you - please be nice, I'm new and vulnerable!
  6. Thank you, we didn't know about these!
  7. Great thank you, we'll go and take a look at it this weekend
  8. Thank you, Gayton is the one we're leaning towards, I don't know how realistic availability is but we like the fact that you can use other marinas in the group, it's also the closest of the 3 to our home.
  9. So pleased I've joined this forum! As a newbie, I'd probably think "ah that's obviously where I should be mooring as there's someone already there!"
  10. Jirmette


  11. Does anyone have any recommendations or experience of these 3 marinas please, they're the closest to us, as we'll be using our boat at weekends mainly, having it close to him is the best scenario for us. Costwise they seem pretty similar, also with access to routes. We'll go and have a look at them all, but recommendations are always welcome. Thank you.
  12. Thank you all, we've bought it for our use, the thought of lending it to friends for costs was to help towards costs but mainly to benefit any friends who may want to save several hundreds on renting, we're quite happy to lend it to good friends for free Off to enjoy planning our boating, thank you for all your help, I'm sure we'll have plenty of questions, hubby is pretty knowledgeable about them, but I'm a complete newbie.
  13. Thank you both, we had a feeling that may be the case Just for us it is then! That's no bad thing.
  14. Good morning, We're very new to owning a canal boat after putting our deposit down just yesterday! We are considering renting it out but only to people we know (we don't want to routinely rent it) at a very discounted rate purely to help out with the running costs, of course we want to ensure that we do it properly so are trying to understand just how much extra this will cost us in insurance, licence etc. to see if it's actually viable to do. I've been doing some googling but being so new to this, any advice from experts would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
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