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  1. As a woodworker I agree that looks like the finish has gotten wet. My guess is that condensation on the windows would run down and then puddle along that trim strip.
  2. A loose prop is serious and should have been fixed when it was out of the water. The prop moving around on the shaft it going to do damage to the prop and/or the shaft if it hasn't already. Replacing a prop and or shaft wouldn't be cheap. Wait long enough you will have to do both and if it fails you have going to have to be towed. I would be concerned as that could be an expensive repair that needs to be done now. If you ignore it it will be an expensive repair. I am bettin the cost is why I wasn't addressed while it was out. Totally agree with what ALan said too.
  3. Hard to beat FLUKE. Just acquire a used T5-600 and while I have only used it a couple of times I love the shape. Fits in the pocket so well it have quickly replaced my square bodied FLUKE as my go too.
  4. I am a business man and frankly, your money and I don't care how you spend it. So I have no agenda saying this. This is coming from a business mans point of view. If you look at the big picture and you are not going to make money, as in no profit on your items. Plus you have to pay for insurance, you are paying someone for the ability to loose more money. If there is no profit there is no money to put toward to mooring, maintenance and licence fees. Each sale would just lower the amount you lost. I understand doing thing for the fun of it and that don't make money. I enjoy woodworking and for the most part you can't make money at it. That is you choice and I don't care what you do. But there is nothing to put back at your expensive if you loosing money on each sale.
  5. Kudzucraft


    Holy crap!! I keep looking at the photos and finding hidden gems each time.
  6. Sound advice. Seen many cars do this and 95% of the time it just a dirty/bad connection at the battery. Cleaning that usually takes care of it. Its rare but when that doesn't work the issue is at the connection to the starter itself. So removing those and cleaning them usually fixes it. REMEMBER to disconnect the cable at the batter before messing with the starter connections.
  7. That is the one of the most confusing ads I have ever read. Couldn't tell exactly what it was they were selling.
  8. Without the keel it is going to float much higher in the water. That is going to make is much less stable and while doubtful, it could be that it wants to float heeled over to one side instead of upright since the Center of Gravity has moved drastically higher. Depends on the hull shape and keel weight. But I have no doubt it is going to be extremely tender without the keel. At 22' it might work but it really sounds like a bad idea all around. The bigger the boat gets, the more ballast weighs. not the least bit surprised they don't stay upright with all that rigging the air.
  9. Keep in mind a sailboat hull shape is much rounder than anything used on the canals. Narrow boats are flat bottom which is inherently more stable but even they need ballast. Remove the keel and that sailboats round hull is going to be way less stable and maybe significantly so? Really not sure but I am sure it is going to need ballast to be comfortable or every move you make the boat is going to move from side to side.
  10. Kudzucraft


    I love seeing otters. They are still pretty rare here on the Tennessee River but we see them occasionally when out kayaking. Always makes me smile to see them but it is a rare site.
  11. I am not a canal boater yet, but I have been a boater since I was old enough to drive dads skiff with a 10hp outboard and this attitude just amazes me. It's a boat, it is going to move.. Yes, the canals are the slow lane and the wakes are kept to minimum but it is still a boat! It is going to move around. Stow you gear accordingly. Being in your shoes I think you did the best you could offering to pay and no sense in stirring the pot. But good grief!
  12. What has this got to do with Brexit of the Election?? ?
  13. I missed that original comment and agree with this. I tried Linux a couple of times and then found Mint. Pretty easy transition from Windows too. With software coming in flatpacks, it is so easy to install now. It's not for everyone but I for one love it and can't imaging to going back to Windows as a my main OS.
  14. You could do what I do and run a copy of Windows 8. Assuming that the software is compatible and doesn't need 10. You might ee be able to use XP? I picked up a CD off EBay and ditched W10. I use Linux but like you I need a Windows for a couple of programs. Just be sure it has the registration number with it!
  15. If I understand you correctly I would walk away. I am not going to put a non-refundable deposit on the boat PERIOD. I would put up a deposit on a boat I was interested in as long as could get it back if there were unexpected issues. I would even be willing to say if the issues were above a predetermined amount of money I couldn't back out. But no way would I GIVE them a 1,000 to determine if the boat had problems. There are many more boats out there fr sale. I would just keep looking and let someone else take that risk.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. I have one of the small cheaper inverters in my truck/lorry. I used to use it to charge laptop, photh, PALM Pilot (remember those?) when working and out on the road. This was before USB charging became the norm. One thing I found is mine was far from reliable. It made short work of the battery if I was not driving. I suspect a lot of your issue may be the inverter itself. I was never impressed with mine. Plus your taking 12 volts, stepping it up to 220 volts and then plugging in a transformer that is taking that 220 volt down to something around 18 volts I would guess. Lots of wasted energy in that process.
  18. We laughed pretty good too. First time to empty a cassette I image a lot of people react similarly. Especially if you have an aversion/fear of handling sewage as so many seem to have Hence the great toilet debates.
  19. I am in the US and doing a little homework and I found a couple of International Banks where I could set up accounts in the US and UK. Forgotten the names now but one was actually UK based. When I arrive in the UK I would already have an account along with UK based debit and/or credit cards. Since our plan is moving back and forth and our income with be from the US this appears it will work very well. Easy to move money around from one to the other account.
  20. You are preaching to the choir there. Win10 was the kick in the but I needed and I now use Linux. I do have need of Windows occasionally for a couple of specific pieces of software. So I have mine set up with a Dual Boot with Win7 as the second OS. But day to day. 98% of time it is Linux Mint.
  21. Ahhh Windows, why am I not surprised. Glad to found it. These software designers go out of their way to "improve" their software.
  22. Just making a WAG, but sounds like every time you change pages it is not recognizing you. It thinks you are a new visitor and flashes up the message. Being it is only one computer there is something about it or it's settings. If cookies were off it MIGHT cause that. That is all I got.
  23. I really do appreciate this. But I have an old, slow, windows laptop set up on my desk that I print from and it's set up just for this. I hate to change methods now.
  24. Do you block cookies? Just a guess but if so that could be the reason.
  25. I knew someone would say this (about the printer). It would print, but it would not allow me to enter custom paper sizes. I sell full size plans for kayaks and they have to printed accurately and on my custom sized paper. The generic driver would not allow me to do that. Have not heard of crossover but will look it up.
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