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  1. Ok guys thanks very much for your advice and clarification on why to follow certain procedures, or what is necessary if i have to wait longer between coats. The boat will be moved to the yard then, it will prob start rusting a little over next four weeks but what can you do, i'll give it a little sand and hope for the best. Atleast I can do the coats properly, eventually Your job here is done (until i begin again in a few weeks lol) Charlotte x oh and btw i meant just 14m2 total surface area area not volume - it is pretty big xx
  2. thanks so much for your help guys, I've been sifting through and trying to get my head around it all. NB the boat will still be in the boat shed in which it is being finished, so not on the water, and sheltered in some way though only in a big shed) I'm unable to fully go with the Tankguard for cost reasons, so have searched and got to the following. Plan 1 is as follows, for next Saturday (set temp to be 14 high, 8 low in the night prob) firstly, get a little heater and have it in the box where/when poss 1 sand it a little by hand 2 hoover that out 3 paint one coat of Sikagard 62 (5kg should cover around 20m2, the tank is about 14m2) https://www.promain.co.uk/sika-gard-62-drinking-and-clean-water-storage-steel-protection.html 4 Go home and have a bath / work for a week while the boat gets finished and moved to the yard (would work on it crack any curing paint etc?) 5 Come back and paint a second coat around 7-10 days later * * https://www.promain.co.uk/amfilerating/file/download/file_id/8051/ this says i need to wait BETWEEN 30 hours and 3 DAYS which worries me as next week i can't do that timing. I know this is not perfect but it's built off of what i can afford money / timewise as i work 6 days a week at the moment and its 50 quid each way to get to the boat itself.. PLAN 2 is to wait a few weeks and do it when i can actually be there for longer (a saturday - a monday) when it might be warmer (who knows though), and me and a few v generous friends are going up to do the exterior painting. The process would be the same, but instead of 7-10 days later I can do it in the advised time bracket on the application guidelines My boatbuilders just advised me to come and paint it asap, basically, so they can close it up for me, hence the feeling that i should rush. Thank you again C
  3. Hiya, first post : i have trawled, oh believe me i have trawled, to find the best way to coat an integral steel water tank for the first time. I was thinking Vactan might be a good shout for any any surface rust (the tank was built about 3 weeks ago) to begin and then blacking over the top. I figured why not about the coat of vactan first, can do no harm, but then the very kind Andrew at Vactan told me that he can't be sure how well Vactan will bond to new metal as its made, obviously, for rusty metal. So now I'm confused / concerned, and amongst all the water tank posts out in the ether i cannot actually find a post about a brand new tank?! I saw somewhere to just use blacking straight up, but I'm up for doing this whole vactan thing if i can save hassle in the future. Can you help? to clarify i need answers to : a) can/should i do a vactan coating first? b) which POTABLE water tank paint would you suggest go over the vactan, or c) do i even need it post-vactan on new steel? some people even on rusty tanks say they only used vactan and this is new, but i dont want a situ where i used a vactan that didnt bond well to new metal and no blacking and then its all worse. Ta
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