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  1. Thank you for your assistance everyone, really helpful to a newbie! There is a '1-2-both-off switch' on the narrowboat and checking the photos I took earlier, there does appear to be 2 x Yuasa 90ah/35 leisure batteries and a powerstart 100ah battery which I'm guessing is the starter battery, hopefully wired to position 1. The label on the starter battery has an 'installed' on date sticker which only goes up to 2014, so presuming this is rather old! Thinking about replacing all with these dual-purpose batteries, which will fit in the space well. https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/product/3-x-numax-cxv31mf-batteries-110ah-deep-cycle-battery/
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  4. Hello, new to the forum and boating! - my leisure batteries require replacing as They are not holding charge. If I'm replacing the bank of three, I presume there is no issue replacing all three which are 90ah with 115ah versions? Oddly (or maybe not) there doesn't seem to be a dedicated starter battery, just a switch to use power from all or just 2 batteries. Any guidance appreciated. Current batteries are yuasa 35/90. Matt
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