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  1. & next year might be much, much worse? Are you on a narrow boat?
  2. Ok! Thank you - I do appreciate all this advice.
  3. I have an elderly mum in Guildford, but apart from that we are free spirits & would like to travel the waterways as much as we can. I suppose we don't necessarily need to be on the canals but that had been our original plan until I started wondering if they - the canals - are really getting too busy & started wondering if GRPs might be more economical as well as more versatile in a way....
  4. 30 ft would be fine I think. To start with anyway.
  5. I was trying to find out about this kind of boat. Surely there are plenty of cruisers on the canals?
  6. ... what I meant to say was wouldn't it be nice to find a boat that could cope with a lot of the canals if not all, & also cope with rivers & estuaries.
  7. Somewhere nice ! On some water! So most of the cruisers that one sees on the canals are more in the family of Dawncraft & Norman & Ormelite I guess?
  8. That's the dilemma - looking for a boat that has some versatility with 'the ever shallowing canal system.' & the potential for increasing difficulties for liveaboards....
  9. Hi, does anyone have any experience of these? & if so, what kind of experience? Would it be good for a first time boat?
  10. Yes you're probably right though if the hull were sound enough & if you were prepared to work on it & spend the money, it'd be an interesting boat with loads of history. I must try to curb my naive enthusiasm & stop looking at projects perhaps. Looking for a liveaboard so would need to be at least 28ft ish....
  11. Look at this! Labour of love or what? Just wondering .... https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/Offshore-cruisers-for-sale/nelson-34-project-boat-for-refitting-tyler-mouldings-kent-c-/263692?utm_source=newsnow&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=sailboats LOA 34ft 0in (10.36m) Beam 9ft 6in (2.90m) Draught 3ft 3in (1.0m) I think
  12. yeah, sorry, more costly than full ok, & is there any point in having a semi-d if you are mainly staying inland, that is not heading out to sea to any distance?
  13. Hi - a boat with a semi-displacement hull is likely to be more costly to run, fuel-wise yes? Even at slow speeds? Or is it not quite as simple as that? The old Nelsons for example both heavier & with sd hull, would not be very economical I imagine?
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