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  1. I think the brand of bilge paint I have is Teamac - I waas going to use it for the forward lockers etc rather than the bilge (not a large tin) but if people think that's OK, then maybe I just need primer
  2. Interesting about the fan BEngo - duly noted. Chap at the marina suggested Hammerite as well - is your experience of it bad? I have some grey bilge paint(can't remember brand) - Midland Chandlers didn't have any International stuff as they said there had been a fire at the International (?) factory and the stuff was hard to get hold of - mind you that was some while ago If no heater, how do I help the vactan go off properly - I have seen other posts on here that mention problems of this sort but couldn't really see a definitive answer? Thanks Actually I think I am talking rubbish about Hammerite possibly now being water-based. I must have misheard that, as it really doesn't make sense to me 🙂
  3. I've just been looking at the Hammerite website and their direct-to-rust does look good. Would I still need a rust converter as well or would that be overkill? If so, what brand - Hammerites own stuff or Vactan / Aquasteel?
  4. Jen - Bit mean to spiders! 🙂 No, boat is in the water but I do have shore power. I could get a small fan heater in there to warm it up before painting. Would this be enough to cure any rust converter? dor - the chap at the marina suggested Hammerite as well 'pour it out and spread it around'. would that be as good as primer & topcoat? Also, isn't Hammerite water-based now? Is that a good thing? Thanks both for your replies. I have some grey bilge paint which I thought I'd (possibly)use for the top coat, it's the prep as Jen says that i want to get reasonably right, ie the rust converter and/or primer. Hammerite sounds a whole lot easier but would it give me good protection (that even sounds a stupid question!) 🙂
  5. Morning. I have just been told by the marina that my engine is now out of the boat and ready to be picked up and worked on, which means that now is the time to paint the engine bay. I know it's not the best time of year to do this, but needs must. My plan is to paint where I can't get to when the engine is in and paint the rest later next year when it warms up a bit. So, knowing nothing (usual starting point) I would really appreciate any advice about this please. the rust isn't that bad, mainly a bit of surface rust to one side. Greasy and damp probably best describes it. My thoughts about the process is to degrease and wipe it all down; treat with some sort of rust converter (ideally something that forms a primer layer (?) and then paint with primer and finally topcoat. I don't know how many coats of what - someone has mentioned using a more aggressive solvent so it dries/cures quicker (I may be mis-quoting them, sorry). Any thoughts about brands of rust converter / paint (Hammerite?) would also be greatly appreciated as always - oh, and heating the bay? Thanks Rick
  6. Brilliant! Thanks cuthound. I have ordered one from Amazon. Alan - thank you. The schraeder valve has a certain barking mad ingenious appeal 🙂
  7. Thanks Ray T - apologies for not crediting you earlier - I did look but couldn't find 🙂 My calorifier is not nearly so conveniently situated, but now I know what to look for. Thank you.
  8. Prepared to turn mattress on side - as I said earlier, it won't come out now 🙂 Cleaning fridge on the to do list (not really used). to be honest, I cannot find an off switch for the fridge, so just assumed it was taken care of by the battery isolator (may have to explore this further when on the boat more often. Thanks Alan - apologies. i do not understand about the calorifier. I get it about the vacuum (should have thought of that) but still not sure how I would drain it - or is this really necessary? Perhaps I am over-thinking it
  9. You see, I knew I was going to regret asking that - it's obvious now you mention it and I actually think about it! 🙂 Thanks Happy Nomad
  10. Someone mentioned draining the calorifier (sorry, not sure who). Would this be as simpkle as opening the hot taps and letting it drain? Presumably I woukld have to close the supply to the calorifier to stop it filling up again? Aniother valve to find! Forgive me for being dense, but how does blowing down the tap remove the water? Where does it go? I'm going to regret asking that. I have seen a plug in thermostat from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MZBKV8G/?coliid=I367B7HLO9Q699&colid=28PW6BAFSHX39&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it would this be suitable for use with an oil-filled radiator on low do people think? Really appreciate all your help/advice.
  11. Good to know, thanks. Shower is broken at the mixer (one of the (little) jobs to do) so that shouldn't be a problem. No loo at the moment - use marina when I come up - not the actual marina you undertsand 🙂 I will have to find the tank stop cock I think
  12. Engine is coming out in the next few weeks so no problem there I think. Not sure how to check the radiator water - this header tank that I've mentioned before but have yet to find? The boat is not that far from Crick so slightly worrying - but, not planning to leave it for months unvisited, hopefully this will make a difference
  13. My mistake Alan - just re-read your post 'turn the stop-cock off' was the big clue I failed to grasp 🙂 So I'm only draining the pipes of existing water rather than the tank? I think that is the way i shall proceed plus the oil-filled radiator left on low - that really makes me uneasy, the thought of leaving an appliance on when Im not there. I suspect that is a hang-up from living in houses That is a good point - I don;t want to fly under the radar as it were, but neither do i want to break rules just because they may be inconvenient
  14. Thanks all. I'm certainly not taking the mattress out considering how difficult it was getting it in in the first place. Again, just so I'm clear, Alan de Enfield - isn't what you are suggesting a complete drain down rather than just turning off the pump and opeing the taps? I have an oil-filled radiator - would leaving that on low be safe whilst I'm away? It does make me nervous!
  15. Thanks Tony B OldGoat and doratheexplorer, that's encouraging. So, just so I am 100% sure of what you mean (my understanding , not your explanation!) every time i leave the boat to come home (the boat is near Daventry), I should turn the water pump off (by turning the battery isolator off, which I do every time I leave) and open all the taps? That sounds so simple, thank you. Presumably this is in case of possible expansion due to freezing? The central heating is diesel fired - someone has told me I should put some anti-freeze in the header tank - now all I have to do is identify the header tank and figure out how much to put in 🙂
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