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  1. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice - helpful as always. I am not sure whether the oak available is English or American but slightly surprised it wasn't mentioned more. Some interesting points to mull over before making a final choice
  2. Morning (just) I suppose the title says it all. I have a choice of Ash or Sapele to have a cratch board made from but not sure of the relative advantages or disadvantages of either. I would appreciate anyone's thoughts please. Oh, and there is the possibility of Oak too 🙂 Thanks
  3. Thanks Tracy. I'm sorry, but I think I have wasted your time somewhat. Just spoke to the yard where it is being done. They don't do shot-blasting and feel sure that there is bitumen on there at the moment - they think they did it last time. Intertuf it is going to be then! I wasn't planning on doing the base plate, but happy to do so if possible / convenient when out of the water. Thanks again
  4. Thanks David. The service includes pressure washing, which I presume is not shot blasting 🙂 - so essentially my choice depends largely on what was applied before? (assuming I can't get it shot-blasted).
  5. Thanks Tracy. Price difference is just under £100, so does not seem a lot compared to total job.
  6. Morning I am having my boat blacked in the not too distant future, and have been given a choice of paints: Intertuf and Two Pot Epoxy. The price difference is not huge so wondered what would be the best choice. This is the first time I have had the boat blacked and have no idea about the choices. I have searched (probably not as much as i should have) but still not sure. Any help hugely appreciated as i have to fill in a consent form with my choice Thanks
  7. Justin Green of J G Marine Services did the survey on my boat which I bought last year. He came recommended and was very professional. Took time to talk to me about the boat afterwards.
  8. Thanks Loddon. As far as I can see (and this is only from earlier in the year, I didn't see the latest event) the water collects in large droplets on the underside of the slightly curved glass of the hatch before dropping. It's not a huge amount, but it was clearly enough recently to do some damage to the mattress. Where it gathers is slightly higher than the rest of the glass, and the drops get fatter until they fall. I am assuming condensation as I would have thought a leak would be more at the sides of the hatch. I am going to have to keep a close eye on it during rain i think.
  9. Thanks again Tracy. I will try and dig out that old post I saw and see if it's what you are describing.
  10. Thanks Tracy. I saw a photo of something similar in another thread that i now can't find (it might have been your post, I'm not sure). Sounds like a good idea and much neater than an acrylic sheet. If it turns out to just be condensation then I think I will try and make something like that.
  11. Thanks for confidence boost blackrose. Hopefully it won't be a leak! Thanks Stilllearning, hopefully it won't come to that and I can solve it ? I agree, water can come in considerable distances from where it makes its presence felt. I might have to get a helper (daughter) to emulate continuous rain with a bucket! Thanks Mad Harold Thanks for that piece of advice. If it is a leak, that's good to know
  12. Thanks Old Son. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure, but I thought considering the amount of rain that came down last week the damage to the mattress wasn't that bad so assumed it was condensation related. I thought if I solve that I can at least eliminate it as a cause, probably. There is some slight evidence of old damage to the ply ceiling around the hatch, but again, its not wet and isn't that bad. it only consists of the outer laminate of the play being a but tatty and slightly shredded (not sure how to describe it properly). I have looked outside and there is no obvious point of entry, but I know that water can, and does travel a long way sometimes, but no real evidence of a trail inside. My plan is to get the acrylic sheet seated better, then tip a bucket of water over the hatch and look for drips!
  13. Thanks Bee. It's about 5mm thick and bowed away from the existing turnbuttons / turnbuckles (I've got all the lingo now!). I think it's going to be more of a problem flattening it again rather than it bowing in the middle, but we'll see. Thanks for suggestion about the strips - it may come to that
  14. Reading various posts I gather that houdini hatches can be problematic regarding water ingress. I did have a small amount of condensation when I first bought the boat, which seemed to be solved by fitting the acrylic sheet that I found in a wardrobe. It has a strip of rubber(?) or some similar material which is compressed when fixed in by two, rather crude, swivelling wooden thingys. The problem is that the sheet has bowed, meaning that any water flows off to the side. When I went to the boat yesterday there had clearly been some water dropping onto the mattress below causing a pale ring - which i am reasonably happy I can deal with. I assume that the hot sun initially helped to bow the sheet, followed by the very wet weather causing the condensation, is the problem. I thought maybe four of the swivel fixings would help to restore the shape but had no idea what they may be called so Google couldn't help. Stupidly, I did not take a photo, nor did I bring one back to make others at home possibly. Does anyone know what these fixings are called - if, indeed, they have a name - and where I can buy some please?
  15. Hadn't considered not removing them but that's a good idea. I might just treat the rust spots and paint over them. Thanks Richard
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