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  1. You are right. The closed season is middle of March to the middle of June and it still exists. Just read another post about the closed season not applying to canals - did not know that so Googled it and they are right. Every day a schoolday, although don't angle myself so it's a bit of a moot point Bit late to the party I think !
  2. I already have my phone's SIM with Smarty Loddon (£10 for 30Gb data), but if I implement the two SIM card idea, then i will happily go via your link. The £6 deal sounds perfect for the phone, just have to sort out a large / unlimited one for a potential router - thanks for the info john6767
  3. Doesn't that mean that you then have to have two SIM cards, one for the phone and one for the router for those times when you are off the boat and want to use the phone? I suppose a cheap plan with unlimited calls for the phone and a larger (unlimited?) amount of data for the router. Bit more than £20 for the two, but I suppose not much. Can you get copies of a SIM so essentially the same one is in both?
  4. Thanks James. I assume the SIM card goes into this and the phone becomes redundant as a hotspot? I like Loddon's solution too, but it may be too expensive fr me. Wouldn't it be perfect if somehow one could attach an aerial direct to the phone so that the phone could be used as the mobile hotspot - only one SIM card needed then Thanks again
  5. James, I have a similar requirement to OP. I have googled but only found reference to a Huawei E5573. Is that what you mean? Is it rechargeable-battery operated? I have seen a Huawei E5783B-230 on Amazon, which is a travel W0Fi hotspot, not sure if an external aerial can be connected to this - suspect not. Ta
  6. +1 for Willow Wren. Very professional. Nice people
  7. Essentially, yes. I find I am unreasonably nervous about this first trip. Someone at the marina has been in touch so should be OK. I don't mind the walk to be honest, but others have suggested taxis too Thanks for the info, much appreciated That is a good option, thanks David Thanks john6767, good to know. I have had a few people pointing out the kinks in Braunston tunnel, which I grateful for, as on the Ordnance Survey map, the tunnel show straight as an arrow!
  8. Not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this. I have to move the boat 4 miles to Braunston on Friday 22nd October from Welton Hythe marina. Now this is the first time I have driven it, and the first time it will have been driven for 18 months - long story. I have been on many hire holidays in the past and am quite happy steering etc, and have recently done the 2-day helmsman's course, but this will be my first time driving this boat and my fisrt time single handing. Long story short, if there is anyone out there willing, experienced and able to accompany me on this short journey (1 tunnel and ~ 6 locks) I would be most grateful. I am happy to pay £50 plus lunch when we get to Braunston. As for the return, we can either walk back or I can walk back and get the car, then go back to Braunston to pick whomever up. Thanks
  9. Ah didn't realise it was a separate item, thought it was part of the controller setup. At the kind of price it's going for it seems crazy not to if it makes charging the batteries easier and more efficient. Thanks
  10. Just looked up the difference on the interweb and yes, I do mean MCB (RCD was just a generic term I had floating around, but I should learn to be more exact in my terminology) Thanks again
  11. Do I? Good to know and just shows how little I know. Thanks Tracy Thanks Jen. I am hoping to get the controller as close as I can to the batteries. Between 1 and 2 metres maximum. Will that range be enough to make a difference in diameter needed? Hadn't thought about the size of the hole in the controller, good point. Thanks matty I am going to say yes as the Victron model is the Smart Solar with Bluetooth built in, but haven't got my head around the settings yet.
  12. I am going to be installing solar and wondered about the diameter of the cable needed from the MPPT controller to the batteries. The controller is a Victron 100/50 and will have two 295W panels connected to it, wired in series. The options seem to be 10mm squared or 16mm squared and I'm not sure which would be the most suitable. Also, plan to have an inline fuse close to the positive terminal of the battery bank and wanted to know what size fuse to use. Would a fuse be better than an RCD switch? If so any dos and don'ts? Thanks for you help
  13. Thanks Tony1. I will look for that thread. I hadn't thought of lateral force being a possible issue but as a new boater it is possible I may bash into stuff at first. I looked at those magnet mounts too on Bimble's site.
  14. Thanks Alan, I misunderstood David's post. I thought he was indicating that that was the problem with UFO vents rather than the method of isntallation. That is lot more encouraging and worth looking into more. Now I need to find one that requires the same size hole through the roof as the mushroom vent. i read earlier, I think, that they are the same, although was told by someone else that the UFO vents used a smaller diameter hole - I suppose it depends on whether my mushroom vents are 'standard' or not I have about 8 mushroom vents on my 66 foot boat, and not all on the centre line, a couple off to the side, so I think losing one should still be OK - but I will double check before any removal
  15. Read the first part of your post and thought 'yes, I can just change my mushroom vents for lower UFO types', then read the rest! Thanks for the info David, not neccessarily what I wanted to hear 🙂 but good to know . No point just changing one problem for another.
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