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  1. Yep. Hubby and I have had a serious think and talk over the weekend and we’re going to carry on with oh original plan of moving inland, closer to civilisation and things to do, then buy a weekend and holiday boat to bore the kids with and then look into live aboard in 13 years. We currently live in north Devon with no canals or anything really to do here. Yes you all probably think Devon is amazing and why would we move from here but when you live here it’s not like being on holiday. I’m guessing boating is going to be vastly different in 13 years anyway. Depends how much the government screws us over in the next few weeks/months.
  2. Yeah it’s a new way of colouring hair. Lasts longer apparently ?
  3. Lol. Funny you should mention that. I have blue and purple hair with tattoos and hubby plays the guitar. Would that help? ?? regarding the price, the collingwood abode looks to be a good size and starts at £120kish which is covered by the equity in our house. But with what everyone is saying, maybe it’s not the best idea just yet.
  4. oh that's a clever idea. or I could just put the kids in the narrow boat of their own and let them fend for themselves ? If any of you come across them, don't worry, they're fine ?
  5. the main reason for a 70 was hoping to get a 3rd bedroom in it. We've just booked tickets to the crick show so I suppose we can see what is available and what the size difference in everything will be.
  6. yeah and that's the thing that worries me the most. I'm thinking it might be better to stay here til youngest leaves school then we can get a boat and just go whereever we like (widebeam canals/rivers) just sucks a little I suppose.
  7. That's interesting to know Alan. I read on this website that it only needs to be emptied once a year (not high use I'm guessing) Howardang, I have tried the search for schooling but only found a thread about a poster ONLY wanting to hear from families with school children, but it didn't really help. I'll try other search terms though, And in Terms of work, hubby and I are both Web Developers with our own business so we can work on the move. We've looked into possible internet options so that's ok
  8. Yes we've had a holiday, but living on one for a week vs 10 years is very different isn't it. ?
  9. Newbie here with probably the same questions you've seen over and over and are probably bored of now I've been thinking about this for a long time now and wondered if you think it's possible or just a pipe dream. My family, myself, hubby and 3 kids (2 girls, 1 Boy) are looking into selling our bricks and motar and buying a widebeam (looking at 70ft for a 3 bedroom one) and living onboard it. How possible is this with 3 kids (11yrs, 8yrs & 5yrs) in terms of schools. I mean, where do you even start looking? Do you look for a place to moor then look for the schools or the other way around. We'd be looking at travelling along the K&A and surrounding rivers. The other choice is to wait 13yrs for the kids to finish school then go do our own thing, but you never know when your times up and in 13years anything could have happened. I know some boaters get annoyed with Widebeams, but I just don't think we'd be able to fit on a narrowboat without killing each other The thing that appeals most to us is just being closer to nature and the silence the river brings, but still being close to civilisation. What are the major downfalls to life on a live aboard? Its it just a grass is greener kind of thing? or is living on a boat one of the best things you've done? I always over think things, I'm meant to be an Aquarian and just go with the flow ? Ideally we want to try and live off grid. so with solar panels, maybe an electric engine, compost toilet. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer guys and gals.
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