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  1. Thanks to all for the input. I will not be at the boat until early April - having used her only for four weeks in September and then winterised and left in a marina berth. The boat has only done 600 hours so drive plate should not be the problem. I will certainly look into all the suggestions put forward once back in UK. Thank you Cheers Nigel
  2. Hi Sam - it is losing drive intermittently - initially it ran for a time before losing drive, but the longer I run the engine, the more frequently the drive loss occurs. I have to let it go into neutral, for a short while, then I can re start the drive. Nigel
  3. Hoping someone can advise. Thanks My 62' Aqualine narrow boat has a Barras Shire 45 engine with a PRM 150D gearbox fitted 2014. The engine hours are approximately 650. I purchased this boat in September last year and in the first few hours of operation the gearbox developed noise and vibration after a couple of hours running. When the gearbox was put into neutral for a few seconds and then re engaged the symptoms disappeared for a time. The periods between the fault have become shorter and the drive output very reduced no matter what the engine revs. The reverse gear seems unaffected I suspect that the forward pump or clutch are at fault. The oil level when I purchased was low despite having had an engine service some 8 hrs before. I topped up the gearbox and the level seems to have remained stable over the following 30 hrs. There is no sign of oil leakage. Anyone out there who might be familiar with this problem ? Your input much appreciated - Cheers Nigel Lennard
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