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  1. I'd defiantely be interested in old photos if you have any. Ive been talking with my brother about doing a documentary on Grebe. Originally I wanted to cover the local historical information that used to be said on the trips. But I'm considering doing more after realising that its easy for information to get forgotten about.
  2. Ray, it's been fantastic to hear from you. I have responded back to your message, I think Dan will get in touch with you as well. Swan.... I'd forgotten that there had been 3 day boats when I first started and Id forgotten the name of the boat, but I remember it having Carpet tiled stairs that David showed me how to use a stiff brush to scrub all the mud off. That must have been sold a year or 2 after I started. I remember Tim and Vera having leaflets in the Grebe shop for their trips. Its bizzare both me and Dan were sold on that being Dabchick, due to the table being the one off dabchick and the benches, that were so fiddly to clean, but one blue wooden bench looks the same as another and a springers a springer. There were also a few layout differences that I didnt remember and the back deck looked different to how I'd remembered, but i put that down to 9 years of new memories fuzzing out the details. Little Grebe was my favorite day boat, I'm glad that someone who'd wourked at Grebe ended up buying her.
  3. koukouvagia, Moorhen was before my time there then... I wasnt aware of that one! Its fantastic to think you got your first boat after hiring from Grebe! Thanks J R ALSOP!! https://www.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/harborough-30-cruiser-stern/400195 So this was Dabchick! The galley looks remodelled... not sure i like it. I may be biassed. I also prefer the name Dabchick. Edit... Ray.... which boat was sold to Tim & Vera (which id forgotten about) I thought it was Dabchick, which they ran as a single day boat? I checked with Dan to make sure I wasn't completely off with this being Dabchick. Did Malcom sell it to Tim and then Ian buy it back or have I forgotten about a third day boat? I'm sure I'd remember daily cleaning a third day boat for years!! I hope that Little Grebe is doing well! I wonder if she's the one now down Teddington/Kingston way.
  4. alan_fincher, Thanks for that! That explains why it still has the blue paintwork instead of the blue and red it had been changed to under the new ownership. I had heard that it had gone downhill under the new owners, and had no drive to work there under them. Although I did visit people on the wharf a few times in passing.
  5. I'm hoping for some information on some boats from Grebe Canal Cruises. My names Mark, and I worked at Grebe for 8 years from the age of 16 to 24. Working there under the management of Nicky and Malcom, It felt like you were part of a family, everyone was helpful and passionately enjoyed working there, and it was great to work along side people who lived on the canals. I have nothing but happy memories of working there. After finding Rays post from 2015... ...I did some digging and found a photo of Chiltern Countess under renovation from a trip boat to a live-aboard (I believe) and the website for bridgewater cruises with Princess of the Chilterns, which is now Francis. I am so happy to see her being loved, looked after and used. Lastly I found pictures of Kingfisher of Tring, which were from around 2015, in a sorry state at Regents Park, far from home and in bad condition. Its so upsetting to see her like this. There was so much history with this boat. I first went on this boat when I was little with my nan and grandad before I lived anywhere near there, and years later ended up working on her. I have great memories of this boat as a child and working on her. Does anyone have any details of what has happened to Kingfisher between then and now. Has she been rescued??? Has anyone seen how Countess is doing under whatever name she now has. She's an Electric wide beam boat with bow thrusters. My brother also had worked at Lee Valley for a while so is going to ask them if they were doing it up, but I'd be interested to find out what has happened to her? I understand the day boats may have been scrapped which is a shame, but if anyone has seen or knows what happened to Dabchick and Little Grebe, then that'd be awesome! We used to do trips at the Leighton Buzzard canal festival and Tring canal festival with them, and me and my brother did that a few times, and loved those boats, and it was also my job to clean them before they went out on day trips. Any information would be great!
  6. My names Mark, I worked at Grebe Canal Cruises, Pitstone Wharf for about 7 years, and grew up in Cheddington. I've been told by people on the canals that Pitsone Wharf, was Cheddington Wharf, and the Original Pitstone Wharf had been just around the corner of the canal where theres now a boat club. The opening picture would be of bridge (Bridge 126), going by the description and it does look uncannily similar. I found an image taken from a similar location. I have also found this site, that seems to back up what i've been told: https://canalplan.org.uk/place/c3sp Its an interesting find!
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