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  1. Ah! Well pretty daft thing to claim that a solitary instance of the whale gulper having a problem means it's not a quality product. No wonder he/she was banned.
  2. Have you heard about other Whale Gulpers with the same problem?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Brighouse basin is nice to moor in although it can go up and down depending on the weather. Just above the basin, behind Sainsbury's is a strip you can moor up on and that's ok. I'd probably risk the basin out of the two though. I spent some time in the basin last year and it was fine. As for pubs, I liked the Crafty Fox in the town centre when I was there and The Commercial near the station is a great place too - excellent beers, lots of characters, it's a proper pub.
  5. I wouldn't watch a youtube video on how to perform heart surgery - or at least not for anything other than entertainment value - but I would watch a youtube video on how to do a boat engine service by anyone - whether expert or amateur. But not just the one video, I'd watch lots of them and take bits of information from each and then I'd be able to form an opinion on which one is correct.
  6. That too, more importantly. I actually don't mind the name now I know what it means, which apparently is Welsh for "Have fun" (Cael - Have, Miri - merriment/fun/joy)
  7. Just following on from that, I was chatting with my girlfriend last night about my plans to repaint it as it does need a bit of a tidy up after all this time (it's from 1990) and how I was thinking of painting it a new colour. She suggested I could change the name if I fancied, as I'd mentioned doing so in the past. But then it felt like if I did both those things, Caelmiri would come to an end, it'd be a new boat with a new name and paint. I'm not sure how I feel about that! Even though everything else would remain as it was.
  8. No, it's an actual, proper narrowboat This photo I found on a google search as I don't have one up to date. Interesting to see how it's changed in the 10 years since before I owned it.
  9. Hey all, Just out of curiosity, I wanted to find out a bit more about my boat. Initially the surveyor thought it was a Liverpool Boats shell but since buying it, I found a name plate/builders plate and it says "Glastron Carlson" and looking on the canal plan boat listing, it also shows it being built by Glastron Carlson. All I can find out about Glastron Carlson is they're an American company who make speed boats and can't seem to find any reference to them making narrowboats. Anyone shed any light on this? Cheers!
  10. I think I'll be doing that this month, used 7gb of my 80gb. Interesting approach to business - letting their customers know how they can not give them money. Good on them. That's how you keep customers rather than try and rinse every last bean out of them.
  11. I moved from EE to Giffgaff. 20 quid a month for 80gb data, they're on the O2 network so coverage is great and it's 5G too (I have a Samsung S20+ 5G phone) so when they finally get round to either fitting 5G masts or replacing the ones the 5G conspiracy idiots set alight, then I should have super fast Internet. Although it is pretty quick now. Oh and unlimited tethering. And I got a tenner refund for signing up two other people. And they suggested I choose a lower plan because I hardly used any of my 80gb data this month. Nice company. I'll stick with them.
  12. To be fair, you do put the space on the wrong side of punctuation. I can read what you say perfectly fine, it's just an odd and unusual quirk. Not sure why you'd do it but doesn't affect the readability. I suspect Dr Bob was asking out of curiosity rather than criticising.
  13. I think that goes for most things in life. All the anglers round here are very pleasant and usually give you a wave or a nod. A few more will ask questions about boating if they have the opportunity to do so. Only had two run-ins with anglers in the past - once at Old Ford Lock in London where an angler was sat below the lock and simply wouldn't move. I wanted to more up to use the water tap and to empty some rubbish. He had a bit of a go at me and when I pointed out the sign say "No fishing at the lock" he went on to say how he'd been fishing there for 18 years. I was thinking perhaps he needed to move on a bit and try somewhere else because his keep net looked empty. He then whinged on about how I'd ruined his day's fishing. Well, excuse me for using the boating facilities for my boat. Other occasion was a dickhead near Mirfield who was sat on the mooring pontoon just below the lock - would he budge or lift his rod as I came in to moor? Would he buggery. He had a face like he'd been sucking on lemons as I came in to moor. I managed to avoid his rod, just. There was another boater there who'd had the same experience with him in the past by all reports. Other than those two idiots, most anglers have been friendly, approachable and not at all difficult. If I can offer one suggestion for your angling mates, to the OP, that would be to not fish off moorings or lock landings. Anywhere else, be my guest.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Will do Tony! I will have to find a local boat sparky that knows a bit about this kind of thing and get something fitted. Definitely not my area of expertise. Thanks again!
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. Thanks Tony! This is all very useful information. I shall book mark this for later needs. Thankfully I've found the cause of the weird goings on with my electricity and so no longer need to replace a battery bank! (yet). It turned out that my rather dodgy battery isolation switch was set somewhere between 1+2 and 2. Even though the battery monitor was showing that it is fully charged, all kinds of strange things were occurring - lights dimming, starter battery showing less than 10v. So set the battery isolation switch to 2 as it usually is and all seems to be well again. To be honest, I could probably do with some kind of electrical system audit because I'm sure it's a bit all over the place and I don't really know what is what. I suspect my batteries are probably getting long in the tooth as I've had them running for 3 years and the previous owner had them for 2 years before me so who knows how old they are and what their capacity is now. But for some reason, like my pair of gas cyclinders which should easily be empty by now, seem to keep persisting. Thanks all for the advice! Panic over. Battery isolation switch was set wrong. I must have knocked it.
  18. After running my engine for a while this morning, I noticed that the battery monitor was showing a very slow recharge. Normally my battery level rarely goes below about 95% and I get it charged up fairly quickly via solar at the moment or plugging in to shore power. While I was in Castleford I was off grid, battery bank dropped. I'm pretty sure these batteries are on their way out but that's a different story. Anyway, back to Leeds this afternoon and I was pretty sure a 4 hour cruise would top the battery bank up to full. Didn't get above 95%. I was beginning to think that the battery bank had finally given up the ghost. When I got back to my mooring I plugged in and within an hour my Victron 50A charger had topped them up to full. So I'm thinking the alternator is on the blink, although the starter battery was showing 14 point something volts while I was cruising and the domestics were only showing about 12.9 volts while cruising. Now it's actually the other way round, according to the battery monitor. although the sparky who fitted my battery charger I don't think hooked up the starter battery to it. But still thinking the alternator is not running properly. Is there any way to test it and what would that be? I also wonder if it's not engaging properly as I saw it had come loose the other day so tightened it up but I think there is a little bit of slack on the belt. Any advice would be much appreciated! Long message just to say my alternator is acting up, I realise.
  19. Oh to be retired! (or in another financial position to be able to take months off). Planning on going as far as Skipton, perhaps a little bit beyond that to Gargrave. Alas, I'm starting a new job at the end of July so asking for two weeks off to go on holiday would probably be turned down. I am champing at the bit to go for a cruise though. I think it'll be the odd weekend here and there but that'll limit me to where I can go. Oh well. Maybe next year.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. Cheers Tony. I may try and source me a boat fitter to fit the kitchen rather than just a chippie who mainly works on land. I'll look around!
  22. I'm going to be refitting my kitchen this year. Well, I'm going to find someone to refit it. I've been toying with the idea of getting some IKEA units but I feel like my kitchen is going to be so simple that I may just get a carpenter in and get them to design/build one. Has anyone had a bespoke kitchen fitted? Any hint on costs? I pretty much want a couple of sets of drawers/shelves, a sink with some space underneath to put the fairy liquid and sponges etc. And a decent worktop. Currently the kitchen is a bit of an L shape and I'm forever knocking stuff over and there's no room for more than one person. So it needs to go. It's a bit past its best anyway. I'm going to tear it apart, fit some new flooring (I can do that as I refitted my bedroom recently) but I'll leave the clever stuff to a decent carpenter.
  23. Could be something you've bought, something you've built, a way of doing things. Anything really but is there a single thing you've done/bought/changed/updated that has made a noticeable improvement to your living?
  24. I've got some exploring to do when I'm back in Leeds. Thanks David! Put a few things into context there!
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