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  1. If you're choosing to be pedantic. This has a rear brake, a front brake could easily be fitted, lights can be fit on the front handlebars, a rear light could be attached to the riders helmet. So where is a registration plate going to go here?
  2. Imagine that! The Sun printing a story that is complete fabrication! Whatever next?
  3. It would have to be the police but then you run into the problem of not enough police, certainly not for patrolling towpaths for wanton and furious cyclists. But this issue is the same with people in general causing trouble on (or off) the towpath. You're not going to put registration plates on people. Who knows what the answer is and one I suspect won't be answered in my lifetime.
  4. No, Tony, I don't think nothing should be done but I also don't think registration plates on bikes is the answer either for all the reasons I have given. Just because I disagree with you about registration plates doesn't mean I don't believe nothing should be done. I don't know what the answer is, I do wish I did. I also don't believe more legislation is the answer because that takes time, costs money and is often just pandering to populism, and will probably end up being ineffective and badly implemented. I only say this because I can think of few laws put in place in recent times that hasn't been anything but. Maybe the CRT do need to get people out on patrol but I wonder if they have the funding to do so. Perhaps in collaboration with volunteers, the towpath can be patrolled.
  5. Because of the cost and practicalities of it. Further research has suggested that there has in the past been government research into the cost of implementing such a system and the cost outweighed the benefits. Plus the cost to the individual. It'll become a barrier that stops people getting into cycling. The article I read, someone did some rough calculations and suggested If the Swiss can't implement a system, what chance do you think the clowns at Westminster have of doing so? It is too expensive for the benefits of targeting a handful of cyclists who ride too fast down the towpath.
  6. What if I ride a unicycle? Should I still have to have a registration plate on it? What if I ride a childrens bike? Where would I put a licence plate on a BMX bike like this that doesn't interfere with the rider and make it dangerous to ride?
  7. Here's two reasons: cost and the logistics/practicality of having a number plate on the back of a push bike that is visible. One of the many, many reasons of commuting on a bike or using one as general transport rather than a motorbike or a car or whatever other form of transport, is the cost of a bike. You can buy a push bike for less than 50 quid. When you start enforcing compulsory insurance and registration plates then it becomes a limiting factor on who can afford to ride one. And where are you going to put it? I have sweet little room on my bike as it is without a great big licence plate hanging off the back or side of my bike. How can children afford to register and insure their bikes?
  8. As much as motorists can be easily identified, you must surely have heard of numerous stories of someone's car being pranged into and whoever did it simply drove off or someone has been knocked over and the motorist has driven off and in many cases, they get away with it. The language you seem insistent on using is inferring that cyclists are scheming to cause damage and chaos and slip into the night never to be found. If I injured someone or something on my bike, I would stop. All the cyclists I know would do exactly the same. The kind of person who, on their bike, would injure someone or something, and then clear off is the same kind of person who if they hit something in their car would do exactly the same. The kind of person we call a "prick". And I'd like to think most of us aren't pricks.
  9. That much we can certainly agree on. Natural selection with pare them off.
  10. Talking of cyclists riding into the back of cars... (20 seconds in)
  11. Dans Le Noir have made a tidy profit from people dining in the dark.
  12. The plan is not to ban petrol/diesel cars but to stop the sale and production of new petrol/diesel vehicles. I see that most of the media outlets are using the word "ban" which suggests that all petrol cars will have to be off the road, when it is in fact referring to the sales of new petrol/diesel vehicles and by 2050 for all petrol/diesel vehicles to be off the road. That's 30 years time. If we can't replace them in 30 years time then we're doing something wrong. Also: "Last year, the government confirmed that hybrid vehicles, so long as they were classed as ultra-low-emissions vehicles, would be exempt from the ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles." Get your Priuses revved up then!
  13. It's not this is it? "Canals: The Making of a Nation" https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0689qmh/episodes/player This sounds alright too - https://www.channel5.com/show/building-britains-canals/
  14. Sure, but that is your experience. I've also never been in anything remotely close to a collision with a car as a cyclist or as a pedestrian (had a couple of car-car bumps though). There's a whole lot more out there than you or I who have. You say there are more problems with cyclists than with cars yet the statistics say otherwise.. "In 2017, 24,831 people were seriously injured on the road in Britain" "In 2017, there were 1,793 people killed on the roads in Britain, the highest annual total since 2011" "In 2015, two pedestrians were killed and 96 seriously injured after being hit by a bicycle"
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