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  1. Horizon


    Hi all, it’s slightly a scary time out there isn’t it. I know there is a lot of over 70s and people with health problems who own canal boats. I own an architectural practice met studios and we have 6 people here all with a lot of experience on the cut. We can all work from home for a few months but as were spread about anyone who’s worried about there boat or needs help moving it and can’t get out because of isolation. Please just get in contact we will happily help you out for free, just trying to help out an awesome community. Stay safe all
  2. Hi, I’m committed to it being move before the 21st, thankfully, that’s a day over my isolation so I can collect from Brayford Pool and go from there on the 21st. Any help would be great I know it’s only a couple miles but we can pay we just don’t have a big budget as we usually do it are self. Thank you
  3. Hi all, I hope everyone’s having a great day. I buy and sell the odd boat in occasion and have a couple friends that help me out. It’s all for a good cause we’ve been doing it for 4 years now and all the profits are going in to building a 45ft wheelchair accessible canal boat for one of the guys daughter. I have a boat I’m buying in Lincoln at Burton waters and need some help relocating it only a couple miles just to Brayford Pool. Both the guys I have help me are isolated, and it looks like I’m going to be to after a trip to Italy. I don’t want to miss out because of this bloody virus. Could anyone in the area help. Thank you in advance could be any day in the next week or so.
  4. Hi all, happy new year. im looking at non slip paint for the roof but wondering is sand mixed with paint as a diy option any good ? I also have some crushed plastic beads that could be used but I’m not keen on micro plastic being added to the environment, and inevitably it will end up in the water so if sand works happy days thanks all
  5. yes there away until the 2nd, i dont have a need to move the boat, just need power, sure line im pretty sure is ran separate from the 12v so i should be able to have sure line, but scared to reconnect ill give RCR a call see what can be done, fingers crossed there not to much damage, i could spend a week and fix my self but thats with someones advice and a youtube video lol
  6. Hi all im having a bit of a nightmare, i had an electrical fire in the engine bay last night, 4am woke up with a bed room full of smoke, it seems the main wiring loom from the engine to the ignition has total melted threw and caught fire, i caught it fast so no damage other then wiring, but im now stuck desperately in need of an electrician who could come and at least get my 12v power back on and quote for the work, hands praying here can any one help or is any one an electrician this is totally beyond my skill set as an architect, my number is 07900386985 thank you all in advance hoping for a Christmas miracle here sorry im at Burton waters marina
  7. Horizon

    Vinyl ?

    Thank you everyone, there use to be a time when I could walk in to town and have all this cut and printed for a few £, maybe I'm getting old are just a tight Yorkshire man lol, I've made my order let's hope I can do it straight now lol
  8. Horizon

    Vinyl ?

    Hi all, Im maybe being a bit against the grain and want to have my boat name Horizon cut out of vinyl so I can easily stick it on, I know painting is traditional but I don’t have the money at the moment, does anyone know a good supplier ? Thank you in advance
  9. Ask a question get a great answer I love the canal world life, I think as laminated is from the sounds of it easier to come about, I’ll go for that, I should probably have some curtains or blinds made rather then never have the option with etched glass, I might just might like to look out now and again lol thank you
  10. I think what I’ll do is get her under cover, dry and warm inside, and do a couple jobs, I need to have new front doors made I can do them but it’s a good opportunity to do them. Does any one have advice on glass for the doors, ? I’m thinking etched glass but have no idea what type.
  11. Thank you, most likely hang back a little before I get there then, I’m not in the mood for hard work lol, I’ve got far to much I can get on with. Thanks for the advice
  12. It’s more I want to dry the area out, it’s leaked threw a little so if I put the fire on for a day get her nice and warm whilst dry I’ll hopefully miss any mild problems. Thank you but I will use stixall
  13. @Kendorr that’s perfect the m18 overpass would be great, I’m probably being a tight git but just need dry and fix I don’t want the bother of a dry dock. I think it’s a two day journey so should be able to keep dry until then lol thank you
  14. Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has any help they can offer, I’m going to be relocating from Lincolnshire to Sheffield in the coming weeks, but I’ve just found I have a leak from an air vent on the roof, I’ve covered it with a bucket for now but I need to repair, anyone got a good location, basically I want to wait under a bridge of fly over for a day or two whilst I fix it and let it dry best I can, is there anywhere along the way any one would suggest, I’m a good Yorkshire man so won’t pay those dry dock fees lol thank you in advance
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