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  1. Congratulations on the build. I am so envious!
  2. That's Razzle with a double z and an e after the l......oops!
  3. Thanks for the input. I tested it by putting 15psi in and reducing to 10 psi. then sealed it with a gauge in line. Over a period of 40 mins it would gradually lose pressure. The retail on the taps is £50 each so that is not an option. But boater Sams comment on regreasing sounds like a most probable route. We bought the cooker nearly a year ago but the build took / has taken / is taking much, much longer than envisaged. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I actually installed and tested it. What has angered me so much is Currys response or lack of. I have contacted trading standards and have now written to Currys as advised. I will keep you updated on developments. Cheers
  4. So.… We bought a Logik cooker from Currys specifically because they supplied it with LPG jets and instructions on how to convert it. We didn't install it for nearly 12 months and when we did I rebuilt the gas supply 3 times mistrusting my own work because there was a tiny leak, until I finally suspected the cooker....3 taps failed! I contacted Currys and told them truthfully that I hadn't connected it to gas but had done the BSS test with air and it had revealed the problem. They told me that they wouldn't come out to a boat (apparently they deem it not domestic) and it had to be connected to a gas supply! so I told them "fine ; I will set it up at home". They then booked an engineer who later informed me he did not have a certificate for LPG so he could not attend. He would inform Currys who would contact me. Needless to say.... So I spent a further fruitless hour on the phone today only to be hung up on. I am still no nearer to resolving this issue. In a nut shell; having been told there was a serious fault with a gas cooker they still told me it had to be connected to a gas supply before they would inspect and they do not have the skills available to inspect or repair an LPG cooker. So having insisted it is connected to a gas supply they then refuse to come out and inspect. I have offered to send them a video of the cooker blowing bubbles, but apparently that isn't proof enough! Serves me right, I went looking for what I wanted then looked for the cheapest price. But thank heavens for the BSS. I am not one to publicly complain, but Currys have incensed me with this one. It could so easily have ended in tragedy and their lack of interest is dumbfounding.
  5. sorry just seen my mistake: Buy 15 ltrs!
  6. Screwfix degreaser pt no. 88668 £8.99 for 5 ltrs. Use it neat. Buy 3 ltrs. Jet wash down. vacuum out. It will leave the bay clean enough to paint. I needed 75 ltrs of storage capacity for the contaminated water. My engine bay base was 5mm thick with grease from the stern greaser.
  7. hawkesmith


  8. Sorry can't let this one go! Cue; Inspector Clouseau Screams as he gets the top of his finger bitten off " You said your otter was tame"! response: "oh aye sir he's a Tame Otter alright. He comes from the upper reaches....vicious bugger isn't he!"
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