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  1. Alan, Ebay are currently looking at the users selling... I've also spoken to the police and currently getting all the info on the boat so I can prosecute.
  2. Alan, I bought it as a fully functioning boat, it didn't need that much doing...
  3. @howardang The survey was actually next on the list after testing, when I got there it didn't even have a battery let alone a control panel or ignition. carlt, not sure what the hell I'm going to do now.
  4. Thanks for pointing out these hazards Howard, this boat has been the 4th boat I have bought so I'm not a noob at this. Ebay has been notified, along with the harbour master, I have also emailed the seller asking where the systems are. I was hoping to get it chartered out in the season and hopefully make some cash... So much for that idea.
  5. Well, at the time I was suffering with pluresy plus dealing with a personal family matter. It also looks like the ebay user that sold me the boat is now selling the outboard motor which was meant to come with the boat
  6. Well, looks like I'm not going anywhere as the boat is stripped out, not even a battery installed. So much for a bargain boat, it's just a Hull and cabin, nothing whatsoever to power the vessel or anything that was installed in the ebay advert. Looks like its been standing a while aswell, so much for being completely ripped off.
  7. It was built by Colvic with a custom wheelhouse with lots of teak inside and out. Looks pretty and awesome when it's all varnished up, A job which will be sorted next year as I haven't had time this year. Not sure why there's no mast as I bought it like that, got it for a very good price too...
  8. I'll call Southdown marina. Thank you Alan.
  9. As stated, I have have experience in coastal waters, I just don't fancy doing it alone in winter. Mother Nature is a force not to be reckoned with...
  10. Yeah but yachties are arrogant stuck up folk, since my boats mast and sails have been removed...
  11. Hi I have been here before for quite a while but I've had to resign up due to my email account getting locked. Now, a question I want to ask, Is anyone moving a boat from Plymouth to Falmouth anytime soon as that's what I need to do, I'm experienced in handling a boat but I would not like to do this completely on my own and it would be better if there were 1 or 2 other boats going in the same direction. Or atleast 1 other crew member, I can give you coach fair back up but that's about it as at the moment I'm a bit skint, There will be food and drink available while piloting the boat to its new location for a couple of months before I take it further up the coast in March. Thanks in advance.
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