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  1. Don't forget to give them a quick suck with the Hoover every now and again to clear them of any dust as this can reduce the sensitivity. Most smoke alarms use optical sensors.
  2. Good luck, and i hope you have a magic time, Magictime. May your prop turn freely and your moorings be scenic ?
  3. https://www.giffgaff.com/support/sim-and-number/your-phone-number https://ee.co.uk/business/small/help/accounts-and-billing/get-a-pac-code/
  4. I'm not disputing that fact, Halsey said you must allow £5k per year for ownership, well my house is £3k and thats just council tax £1400, gas& elec £1300 metered water £300min. Add on insurance, general maintenance.That doesn't include a car and associated costs. It's roughly £2k more but what price quality of life? You're only here once ?
  5. most definately, but how many houses can you move if you don't like the view or the neighbours? ? My house costs £3k a year just to live there, i am mortgage free, soon to be house free ?
  6. you could try https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/ i've always found them pretty good for the motorhome
  7. I'd agree with this. Having just sold my house for £5 grand below the estate agents valuation, i now have to pay the solicitor out of the remaining money. (the estate agent was already paid a fixed fee). So the hunt for a boat continues. But after only asking a couple of questions on here i'm now terrified of brokers and surveyors ??. Happy new year and the wife and i hope to maybe become owners soon and meet some of you kind folk 'on the cut'.
  8. I called great GH three weeks ago to arrange to view 4 boats on there website, after naming the boats i was informed 2 were sold and 2 were under offer, they are still advertised as for sale today.
  9. Ok, apologies, i have just watched the video again and i did misunderstand the Rugby boats chap as he never actually said 10% deposit. He did say 2, 3 , 4 thousand pound deposit.. Video is here, from 6.20 on is the bit i heard. But the fact is on a 60 grand boat if it needs any work doing to it it has be in excess of six grand before you can safely say no to the deal to get your deposit back.
  10. I don't own a boat yet, but i have had a motorhome for quite a few years so batteries are of interest to me as well. I tend to read what this chap says about battery technology http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-technology.php I know a lot of the MH fraternity swear by his knowledge. He doesn't sell batteries so he has nothing to gain. I hope it gives you some insight. Apologies if this is already common knowledge.
  11. £500 deposit i could live with as a gesture of goodwill, but 10% on a seventy grand boat is a lot to lose if there are serious faults with it, and from what i've learnt in a short space of time are the amount of boat brokers and builders that go to the wall after a few years so it's not exactly a stable industry. In fact, somebody remind me why i want to do this in the first place ?
  12. Everybody who's buying likes a bargain and everybody who's selling wants the most they can get, i've just sold my house for £5k below the advertised price, so if you were to put an offer in on a boat being sold by a broker, what would you consider a reasonable offer, (subject to survey), on a boat that has an asking price of £70k? Also whats the procedure on placing deposits and getting the deposit back if the survey throws up big problems? After watching a you tube video on Rugby boats who ask for 10% deposit but will only return said deposit if the survey picks up more than 10% of the purchase price in repairs. If the seller refuses to move, you are committed to buying and having to spend several thousands on repairs or lose your deposit.
  13. can you not just flush them through with the oil that you intend to use in them?
  14. i will have a postcode. the 'wearing' bit is why i asked the question tbh. i can imagine it being ok for a 'few months' but then i can see it getting tedious, especially in the cooler months and crappy weather. But i just wondered if anybody has actually done it, if the + outweigh the -. We could just cc in the summer months without the car and then find a short term mooring for the winter and keep the car there. The other half wants the car and i'm not so sure.
  15. it won't be abandoned anywhere for 3 months ?
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