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  1. Yep I could have.
  2. Sorry if my terminology is incorrect, for clarification (I hope) we were travelling north, all the locks were empty, and the gates at the far end of the lock from us open, we had to close the gates and paddles fill the locks, 5 of them, open the gate and enter the lock.
  3. Came up the staffs and worc today from Autherley to just north of Penkridge. Most of the locks were against us from Gailey but when we got to Penkridge somebody had gone through the locks and left the downstream gates open and the paddles up much to my wife’s annoyance. I hope this was just a one off and we were unlucky. Fortunately we never caught up with the offender as the Mrs was revving. Otherwise it was a beautiful days boating.
  4. Thanks, They are well north of me. I don’t do face ache 😖
  5. Anybody know where fuel boat Halsall is currently please? I’m moored at Stretton till Monday.
  6. It’s a beautiful boat and a credit to the previous owners who cherished it and looked after it. We’re feel very fortunate to have ‘dropped on’ this narrowboat. You would not believe it is a 16 year old boat.
  7. The insert is for the dinette, but to extend that there’s a slide out section that just pulls out to make the bed up.
  8. Alexander shell, Riverview fit out 👍😁
  9. The other dog was hiding, meet Mable (ginger) and Flyn (dark)
  10. Picked the boat up yesterday so here are a few photos.
  11. Mines a pure sine wave
  12. Not that I’ve noticed Mine doesn’t, when I bought mine for the mh I asked about charging via inverter and the chap said at least a 600w one, I have a 1000w so I was ok.
  13. I bought one of these https://www.asbikes.co.uk/ good quality and the aftersales is exceptional should you need it. I’m 18 stone and the bike handles me ok 😂. I forgot to mention that I have the 26” wheel folding version, battery is good for approx 20 miles with me on it, it does struggle on very steep hills with my weight but on the flat it flies.
  14. Admin quoting the wrong person and confusing matters 😉
  15. I was under the impression from the replies on here that as it’s a re black with 2 pack epoxy it doesn’t have to be blasted just roughed up?
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