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  1. Branston Water Park is a lovely area to stop with an easy walk around the lake. The added bonus is the Bridge at Branston does excellent Italian food but you will almost certainly need to book. A walk through the tunnel under the A38 will get you to some local shops for supplies. It's been some years since I tried the Erewash but iirc the first few miles are quite urban. No doubt someone with more up to date knowledge will be able to verify that.
  2. I moored just north of the aquaduct on the Macc recently. Had to leave the boat there for 2 weeks due to being iced in and only able to get to the boat at weekends. It was fine although I did take poles etc off the roof. Good meal in the Red Bull as well. The guy at the Harecastle was really helpful. He phoned me the day before I was booked (winter rules) to see if I was still making the journey due to the ice forecast and he told me if I needed to leave it until the morning to decide to go through the tunnel give him a ring and he will arrange for someone to meet me
  3. You're OK until you get to the Shardlow area
  4. I am there at the moment and it is closed
  5. Not Carlsberg! Carling brewed by Molson Coors
  6. Rugbyman


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