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  1. Hi all, Thanks so much for the help. We went with GJW in the end as they were the most helpful and transparent with my many, many queries. I will be making sure that I take Mum and Dad out a few times and am confident in their abilities before setting them loose alone. Pleased to say we completed the purchase on our first ever boat today and our insurance has kicked in. So if you see a little green trad called Teazel out and about then please say 'hi'. Can't wait to meet people and be a part of this community. Best wishes, Gemma
  2. Thanks Howardang. I have indeed gone to quite a few insurance companies and asked, but I don't seem to be getting any replies. So I thought I would ask here to try and narrow my search before I start calling every company Google throws up at me. Totally new to this and grateful for any advice and tips that people have the time to spare.
  3. Thanks Chewbacka, do you mind me asking who your insurance company is? I can't imagine us lending it more that 2 - 3 times a year so I don't want to make life complicated for myself.
  4. Ghemmie


  5. Hello, We are getting our first boat next month and we have a lot of family members and friends who are already asking if they would be allowed to borrow it for a weekend. Whilst I have absolutely no problem lending her out to the more responsible people I know, I'm not quite sure where we stand with insurance. To be clear, we absolutely would NOT be hiring the boat out for any profit. I am only talking about letting mum, dad, best mates go off for a long weekend without us (the owners). They would only pay for any fuel/ pump outs that they used. Would they be covered under our insurance? Do we have to get special insurance or make a request of the insurance company? Or would it be better if individuals got their own insurance for the year (still cheaper than hiring a boat for a weekend)? Any advice greatly appreciated as we need to purchase insurance in the next week. Thanks, Gemma
  6. Thanks chaps. Going to see an R&D boat on the weekend, and it looks like they have a good reputation so that's another tick in its favour.
  7. Rusty you are a beauty!
  8. Hi, Has anyone heard of R A Denton as a boatbuilder and know of their reputation? Can't find any information on Google. Thanks, Gemma
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