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  1. Okay if the list of known costs ever pass 8k Ill look at some test boats I promise
  2. True, there are quite a lot of those on sale, but I don't plan on recycling my conceptual craft. Aluminium seems viable for the roof, especially if I can get it to reflect some heat, even so, the roof would need to be in multiple parts to extend and retract (Even unfurl), thus not completely airtight, so heat is a problem. The roof would have to be light enough to lift, with enough insulation to stay warm, using electric linear shafts look like the way to go, Though they'll need power, especially if well insulated - Id have to downsize to about 20 feet which I'm not too upset about.
  3. Hi Dora, I don't have any experience with boat ownership, I think using the test boat would be so different that it's hard to justify. But your right about building the craft. I'm thinking of using expanded cork for insulating double studded walls, possibly rubber underlay, but this is the area in the grey zone until I find a way to "Raise the roof". Could a boat have more character
  4. I'm thinking of using 40-foot pontoons, Id use shorter ones depending on the kind of maintenance requirements.
  5. Thanks Tony, very useful info. I don't think Id get too far with a boat like the one Halsey sent, Aerodynamics is also worth considering, the width will be fine though 5 foot 9 is around the lowest air draft for bridges so there's that.
  6. I won't for all of our sakes. The plan is to cruise the London canals daily, or longer spans through the weekends. Saving money and low maintenance are my main motives with exploring close behind. A good looking easy solution for raising and lowering the roof of the craft is my main puzzle if I stick to pontoons.
  7. Hi Mike, thanks I wasn't aware those terms had such specific characteristics.
  8. Hi, I've never posted anything on this forum but have found myself here a couple of times while researching. Assuming weight, height, safety, heat or energy, etc aren't issues, does anyone have knowledge of roadblocks a guy would face building a pontoon houseboat for continuous cruising. I've heard something about retaining the character of the canals with regards to planning permissions, is it a good idea to contact the environmental agency directly? Also just curious whether there's anything I didn't think about. Thanks.
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