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  1. I was thinking Brentford I think I’m going to have to study the maps and decide which way round to go like you say upstream and downstream has their advantages but tbh if it’s only saving diesel going with the flow I’m not sure that warrants the extra hassle so to speak? How much difference does the flow generally make to fuel consumption?
  2. That’s it decided then downstream it is thanks again for all the help I was more just wanting a heads up on the trip as I’ve never planned or taken on such a long voyage across multiple waterways while I feel confident with my abilities I always flap about these things haha
  3. Wow cheers for all the advice guys I just thought for the price of the course I should just get a radio I’m a bit of a doomsday planner tbh the anchor is a 10kg danforth with 5m of 6mm chain then the rest will be rope I assume from what I’ve read and understood this should be ample for my 40ft nb? So do most recommend I reverse my trip and go gu first then Thames?
  4. Sea dog yea I have away with words sometimes haha bee I have ordered what I believe to be appropriate anchor setup and was planning a full service before undertaking the cruise was just really looking for advice on the charges/fees I suppose more a heads up on how not to get my pants pulled down haha roland me overthinking never ? i will have a crew crew member on board for the trip who is fairly experienced on canal locks so hopefully we can handle them between us haha I don’t believe so booked it just in case I want to head further down the Thames depending on time frame tbh
  5. Well thank you for replying your advice is taken “onboard” but please don’t think I’m taking this trip lightly I’ve got a quite a decent amount of hours in on Narrowboats on the canal system mainly gu and Oxford (holiday boats) as that’s my local area the reason I pushed the limits and got grounded today was I’m used to longer barges and thought on my lil 40fter I could get away with the turn stupid yes I know should of jus continued the extra 2 miles to a suitable winding point but singlehanded I sorted the situation and if I hadn’t posted it on here no one would of ever knew I only call myself a newbie as I’m new to the perils of owning a Narrowboat and have never taken on such a long cruise but feel more than capable of controlling my vessel through most if not all situations the canal and river system can throw at me but by all means if you still think the same no problem and I thank you for the reply
  6. In honesty one was pushing myself too far and being lazy trying to turn in a section that was wide enough but not deep enough and the latter was at my mooring believe it or not was there 2 days before came bk today an the was a huge build up of silt so not really grounded more just a shock to the system as it was rather unexpected ha
  7. Hi all, very new too the Narrowboat world owned my very own lil syren for the grand total of 3 weeks and loving every second so far even after 2 minor hiccups today (run aground x2) haha but this summer once it actually comes I wanted to take sometime off work go from braunston to Oxford an down the Thames then back up the grand union I’m aware that the is a number of fees within this trip but it’s all a bit much as a newbie and was just wondering if you lovely lot could point me in the right direction or advise at all on where to start planning this trip? I’ve booked a rf radio course as I believe you need this on the Thames at some point also got my anchor and nav lights on their way but past that I’m quite lost ?
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