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  1. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Yep, you guessed correctly
  2. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Thanks Alan, that is really interesting and significant and is the complete opposite of what an apparent expert told me. So it seems that as long as you don’t puff out offensive black smoke then, as far as the Clean Air Act is concerned, your stove doesn’t need to be DEFRA SE compliant.
  3. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Point taken - that seems to make perfect sense, thanks
  4. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    It would make life much simpler to go with a single skin flue but the stove I'm going for is DEFRA SE and SIA Eco compliant and from what I understand, in order to achieve this the fire and flue gases must remain hot (I'm happy to be corrected) thus improving the level of combustion and reducing the particulate count. Mines a new build sailaway so I've got the opportunity to install what should be future proofed past 2022 which is when (I believe) the new regulations come in for new stove emissions.
  5. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Thanks - just looked on their website and the prices for this standard flue are much cheaper than anything else I've seen. I'll get in touch with them as I do actually want a twin walled system for my particular install so hopefully they'll be able to quote me happy I did find them on through Google but got myself confused on their website - I was going to call as they seemed to have lots of different options, hence the confusion - thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Thanks - I'll be up that way at the end of next month so I'll pop in and have a look
  7. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    That's a new one on me but I kind of get the drift - perhaps a poor choice
  8. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Ha, no pun intended. I've done my research and read up everything I can find and I know where it can go wrong so I'm comfortable in doing the job and as you say it's not over complicated, all I need now are the bits - thanks
  9. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Thanks Jen, I was starting to think that I'd have to shop around but was concerned that I'd have the trouble of getting bits to mate up, hence the desire for a full or kit system - I love the idea of the exotic coolie hats, I've got an old teapot that might come in useful
  10. Martin_B

    Flue Supplies

    Having chosen the multi-fuel stove for the boat my attention then turned to the flue system and I nearly fell off my chair - the kit price for the only kit I can find is almost as expensive as the stove itself. Midland Chandlers flue price is through the roof but I've found the same cheaper by £75 elsewhere. Any suggestions for where to buy flue systems, kits or parts at a reasonable prices ? Cheers Martin (looking for 5 inch to twin wall straight with stove and roof collar plus chimney and hat)
  11. Thanks Alan - interesting reading, the classification of internal refit as a major works is the closest approximation to my situation although the vessel that I will have comes fitted out to a sailaway lined with plumbing and electrics fitted as well as a full bathroom so the work I would be doing would be a partial fit-out but it's certainly a point I would need to clarify before undertaking any work.
  12. Thanks both for the tip off, I'm in the area over Christmas so I'll take a walk and explore the area.
  13. Thanks for the names and the heads up on contacting them Thanks Grassman - I've heard about the potholes but it does look like a nice place. I did see on their website that there's a one off 'entrance fee' of about £300, not sure what that's for ...
  14. Just had a quick look for this one and I think I've seen it before on a YouTube vlog by NB Ed - thanks for the suggestion
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