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  1. Hello, I have been trying to find online before asking on here. Our engine needs an oil change but I am not sure which oil I need to purchase for our Isuzu 33 hp - Engine type 1m4lb33 ? Would anyone who has this engine or knows what the correct oil is please? Thank you in advance
  2. I have to say canal world is great. So many helpful people. Thank you everyone, it's all a learning curve for me and I want to understand everything I can. Thank you to everyone who has commented, definetly helped me
  3. I have just had a look at the cables and they are 10 awg 6mm2 and I would say probably 4m in length to bus-bar ?
  4. So I wouldn't ruin the fridge just testing it out? Thanks, that makes sense
  5. Ok thank you. So in theory if I connect the wiring up to the previous fridge wiring then it will work when connected to shoreline but when disconnected from shoreline it might not work as the cable is not providing enough power?
  6. Yes sorry, connected to shoreline and charger is on Yes sorry, connected to shoreline and charger is on
  7. The previous fridge was a reggio and it was only recommend from what I can see as short term use. The boat is currently moored in a marina and the voltage from the live cable mentioned is at 13.5 and then I tried the old fridge on 240v and still no colder.
  8. The old fridge was a cheap one which did not run well in the first place, as I don't think it was meant for continuous usage. Do indeed to follow the cable back the batteries, unplug, crimp wires and the connect back up to the batteries ?
  9. The live wires were already behind our previous fridge in which must run directly to the batteries. I did notice the cable length, they must no more than 5 metres long.
  10. Hello, I have just bought a Shoreline FD171 fridge freezer. It arrived and I didn't realise they need to be installed as there are no power connections. Do I really need to get someone to install it or can I connect the red wire from the fridge to the red live wire and the same with the black? See pictures. Any advice would be appreciated please
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