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  1. She's getting there, if funds permit she will get a repaint next year and a few modern refinements along the way...
  2. Wondered how long it would be before I was reminded of her past It did answer the question why there were so many holes in the roof panel and in the rear stowage area with all those solar panels. I've welded them all up now and made them water tight, sadly the one gland I left where the power cables enter the cabin leaks, so I might cut my losses and bin the last of the panels and start a fresh next year...
  3. I can't find much about NT Boats, any help would be useful.... Yes she is, for now...
  4. I only noticed the batteries being fully charged while at Whilton, I'd been at Blisworth for a week or two before I noticed the battery condition being different. I need to establish the charger is switching on now, as the voltage to the battery monitor is lower than I would expect from a charger.... Thanks for the reply, As you say, I'll have trace the wiring back and see what they are connected to. NT Boats must have had a deal on red cable when they built her as 99% of the wiring is red, would have been useful had they at least numbered them to allow tracing them to be the easier...
  5. Yes Alan there was a water ingress issue, the drain hole on the rear stern hatch was blocked and had been for some time, judging by the amount of crap I cleared from it. it looked as if water had been allowed to access via the hatch channel. I've cleared the blockage, and also cleaned out the water from the engine bay. I've had her running to see if there is any signs of water creeping in and we've had a few heavy showers and all seems good so far. I've yet to take her out and see if it is an issue with the stern gland while running... My survey picked up on a couple issues in the engine bay that I got the previous owners to pay for... Ian
  6. Thanks for the reply Brian, just trying to establish what should be there and what's been added over the last 18 years. some of the wiring looks awful. The bilge pump has obviously been an issue in the past, as there were three in the bay. Will pull out and re-make the connections with decent crimps as the terminal blocks are rusty and frankly look very poor...
  7. it's a Mastervolt Mass Sine 12/2000 with a separate Mastervolt charger. the batteries are all new. Luckily for me they were "missing" when I viewed her.. the alternator is putting out 14.2v when running... there is a nasty Solar controller that looks like it came out of a cornflake box, photonic universe db1024... this lights up and show's there are batteries connected.. it looks like a cheap Sci-fi prop from a Flash Gordon comic...
  8. Sorry to hear of your problems, I'm sure you'll get your deposit back. it's amazing that there are people out there selling junk as "gems" and buyers not getting surveys completed.
  9. Thanks Blue Knight, I came into this with eyes open, while i didn’t want a project boat, I was happy to take on a few jobs.... I was armed with the last survey and mine just confirmed what I’d thought that she just needs someone to love her and take a bit of time and pride to sort her out...
  10. I’m new to inverters... When on shore line, should the inverter be on or off..? I was conscious of the inventor gently humming in the background when i was in bed and got to thinking “is it needed while on shoreline..?”
  11. When i was at Whilton Marina on shoreline, the battery charger replenished the batteries to 100% with a voltage of 14.2v. We cruised to Blisworth, 10 mile cruise, now batteries are showing 88% and 13.7v while on shoreline... guessing the charger isn’t getting enough AC voltage to produce the 14.2v to recharge the batteries..? I had a similar issue with a touring caravan years ago on a large site that provided hook up... I have a single sola panel fitted to the roof and a cheap looking “solar panel controller” by photonic universe, which has pretty flashing LED’s on it, however know way of showing if it is actually doing anything.... looks a bit of a Heath Robinson installation to me... the vessel had four other panels prior to sale, which must have had a “better” management unit fitted. I’ve welded up the 20+ holes left from the previous owner who thought self tappers, rubber washers and RTV makes a waterproof solution...
  12. Thanks, Is there a fuse missing from here or is it just being used as a “buzz bar”..?
  13. First one, these timers are in the consumer unit, one is on, one is off. What are they for and is the one that is off a spare or should it be on..? We’ve started off well, Bonnie, my rescue spaniel and I have been on board six weeks and have started to turn it into a home
  14. My name is Keaney and I've wanted a NB since a kid, now finally made the big step and bought myself a 61' trad stern, Colecraft hull, Built by NT boats Ltd, as my new home... Covid 19 has a lot to answer for as I didn't really get a chance to run through everything with the broker, however I'm mechanically minded and love a challenge... I've had a $h1t tonne of jobs to work through after the survey, shame the last owner(s) weren't able to look after her. Still the jobs are keeping me busy.. I've got lots of questions relating to what some of the equipment in the engine room is and whether it is correct. I've managed to clear the water out of the bilge and tidy up a few issues where basic maintenance would have prevented the ingress in the first place... loving the forum... Keaney
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