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  1. I guess thats what I was wondering about. What the International brand yacht paint is. And which primers go with this type of paint does anyone know? thanks
  2. Just wondering what the modern standard is regards narrowboat paint finish, is it oil based? 2 pack? Are there RAL swatches.... Im doing a single colour, and I believe we are doing a primer and some filler. just like to have a bit of research on it.. thanks
  3. Cheers Alan, I wanted to trust the guy. I had met him and spoke with him several times. His enthusiasm for the project was very convincing. I didn't press him for identification, in hind sight I should have. But I just dislike the formal route and believed I should be able to trust people in life. The guy seems to be known in the area and has so far completed the work, but is of late very slow to complete work and very quick to ask for more money. Fair enough he needs money to complete, and purchase parts materials etc, Its just at this stage now I feel some kind of proof of ownership should be transferred.
  4. Thanks Vivelo, who draws up the bill of sale and what kind of document s it?
  5. Is there a 'Proof of ownership' I can request for the boat.?
  6. Cheers fellas, yes I think sometimes this all works out of course, and plenty of guys out there are trustworthy. ive been paying bank transfer, and we are about 1/2 ways through. Fly Navy, is this as traceable as credit card?
  7. Yes thanks Athy, Bee, it's an individual boat builder. we agreed a total price for complete work, I just feel a bit uncomfortable handing most or all money over, til completion. Yet he needs money for parts along the way, which I can understand. but all will work out in sure.
  8. Hello all, im in the process of buying and renovating a boat. Just wondering what the standard is in terms of handing over money along the way. There is a lot of work to be done to the boat, and items to be purchased and installed which we have agreed by email in a summary of tasks. But how much money should I transfer, all of it? 50% Do I agree markers to get to? Graham
  9. There is a main dealer in the north west. Not cheap, but stocks them. nauticalworld I believe he is called. Graham
  10. Could this not be installed, on a worktop in an L shape. then it would be positioned more central in the galley. Also can these be started simply with a match?
  11. No worries, I think it just needs to meet the Boat safety standards, as far as Im aware, not necessarily installed by a certified gas fitter. If anyone can recommend a suitable 2 x burner gas hob, I'd appreciate it.
  12. thanks David, are the jets easy to change over do you know?
  13. Was looking into buying just a 2 burner gas hob, something like this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172037320870 but I understand not all run off Log bottles? Is a conversion kit the needles at the hob end? can anyone recommend a suitable 2 burner gas hob I guess is what I'm getting at? Graham
  14. Thats not what I suggested Alan, I suggested you wire the corresponding positive wire on each end - positive to positive , negative to negative. Which terminal you use is redundant. A bit like this discussion.
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