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  1. Dave is my current set up adaptable, as in can I get spare tillers to fit this? Or or am I going to have to replace the whole lot do you think?
  2. Stay in the area, they'll hopefully come back. best of luck.
  3. It wasn't really an aesthetic look I was after - more the correct connection I wasn't sure if this was just bolted on as an after thought, It does feel a bit gritty in the bearing when its turned, is this a big deal to change over?
  4. It was built in a school in Nottingham late 70s I believe. There's a metal fabricator on site here I'll ask him to make one. but would it be similar joining technique where a piece of box section fits over top, or or should it be more in keeping with the modern design where it's sort of a round cast section which bolts around the tiller on deck?
  5. Im looking to replace the old tiller which was on the boat. Excuse my lack of knowledge on the terms and names of parts here, but the arm seems lack a bit of a hack on my current one. So would look to buy a nice swan neck style arm, or have one made up. I have a pic attached below, which shows there is a sort of square stock at the 'connecting end'.. Other boats look round, Anyway, please advise? thanks Graham
  6. Ya I watched a few videos from a guy on youtube - weld.com seems do able alright the gas less, but a bit messy.
  7. Usual bits around a boat - 3mm angle, some solid bar, anodes to hull etc.. mild steel.
  8. Was thinking of equipping myself with a mig welder again, but without headache of gas bottle, Anyone recommend which is better - a gas less flux core wire or Stick welder.. thanks
  9. Well spotted, poor grammar on my part!
  10. Does a steel narrow boat expand and contract in summer, winter. reason I ask is for fit out inside, a fellow boater has said he left space between his interior side panels to allow for stretch. And also gaps between floor and sides. my body work outside has also has extensive fibre glass put in dips, and body filler on top to smooth out its paint job. Will this be an issue? thanks Graham
  11. hopefully this one on amazon will fit....
  12. I take it the true union is squeezed between the plates, right? the gap is about 10mm hopefully the clips you suggested are this thickness. thanks
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