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  1. Welcome Linda, well there is plenty of advice available on here so you've made a good start.
  2. I had the same fears when looking for a boat but like what has been mentioned I sensed when I was with a genuine seller who knew a lot of history of the boat, photos and receipts etc I looked at about a dozen and only had doubts about one and this was from a gut feeling just from seeing the ad and from a Google search I found the boat was for sale by somebody else aswell but the other people mentioned problems not listed in the advert I was looking at, a further look at the sellers face book page showed him as a dodgy character. Google is a useful tool.
  3. All went well putting it on the water at Bidford on Saturday and I had a potter around the river there on Sunday afternoon and moored at the Frog pub overnight then had a very pleasant trip down to Evesham today with lots of help and useful advice from Nick, very much appreciated. Regarding flood alerts I'm signed up to everything now including the Farson camera at the lock, I've found the premium subscription just removes the ads and allows you to look back and see what's happened in time lapse mode. I have a caravan on the river front at Weir Meadow just above the lock with a live camera I can also remotely tap in to. Thanks again for all the advice, I'm sure I'll be back for more!
  4. Thanks for the messages and useful advice, regarding the pic that's where she used to live but is now at Bidford and going onto the river on Saturday, I have a mooring at Evesham lock.
  5. Hi as a total novice and having just bought a 20' Norman Cruiser I would welcome some time with an experienced hand to gain a bit of confidence. Willing to offer payment drink, food and nights out with live music in return!
  6. Hi all, I'm Andy a total novice here who has just taken the plunge and bought a 20' Norman Cruiser, I'm finding lots of useful information here and looking forward to my first baby steps on the waterways I will be starting off on the Avon at Evesham as I'm currently based there. I will be predominantly be boating alone so won't be rushing into any great adventured for a while!
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