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  1. Because a pubic body is bound by the law and can only do that which the law specifically states it can do. ( as regards licencing CRT is still a public body ) The answer to this is to make clear in the licence terms and conditions which are the law and which are voluntary guidelines for behaviour. Unless you're arguing that deliberately deceiving people is a good way to get things done. Possibly those living on non residential moorings wouldn't want to push it to find out ?
  2. I already showed it you in post 115 ! That is ridiculous.
  3. Well I don't personally ask people to obey rules that I know are false, its dishonest, at some point in the conversation a person doing that is going to have to lie, like when the other person says " turn it off or else what ". There is. Its already been posted on this thread.
  4. I haven't argued to prevent them I have just pointed out that some are unenforceable and have no lawful penalty attached to them . To be in favour of them means you support rules that no one can enforce, which in my opinion is pointless because you can't do anything about anyone not following them , and I would like noise nuisance to be enforced. The licence terms and conditions should clearly define the law from the added " code of conduct " ideas it contains, not doing so is misrepresentation. I have heard the 8am to 8pm generator " rule" many times over the years and lots of boaters think its some kind of law, it's not it's purely advisory.
  5. Are you saying you agree to be bound by ultra vires rules if you think those rules are reasonable ? That is bizarre and can only lead to huge problems. ( remember that I started this thread about restricting noise pollution so I have no wish to tie anyone's hands, in fact I'm arguing for the opposite )
  6. I never mentioned not signing your licence application because it is irrelevant whether you sign it or not, your agreement to it has the worth of signing bus ticket, the issue and revocation of licences is purely statutory ,no one is required to agree in writing to follow the law. When you apply for or renew your licence and you are asked to agree to the " licence terms and conditions" , verbally over the phone, tick a box on a form or any other way it is ultra vires, ( but not illegal ) irrelevant and just empty words with no legal standing, saying yes doesn't bind you to anything at all . In my opinion.
  7. That s a civil contract not a licence issued by a public body given the power to do so by statute.
  8. That's not how the law works, contract terms cannot override statute ( the law ) and public bodies are only permitted to do what the law explicitly permits them to do whereas a private person is permitted to do everything except what the law explicitly states they cannot do . No one is bound by law ( or morally ) to uphold ultra vires contract terms.
  9. No, some of the licence conditions are based on bylaws but some are invented, like the 8am to 8pm generator "rule".
  10. That is based on the 1965 General Canal Bylaws. 39. No person shall commit any nuisance in or on any canal. CRT have never tried to enforce any of its bylaws, not one, so ....?
  11. The collars you buy from chandlers are only cast iron because of tradition, there is no reason why a fabricated steel collar will not do the same job, so if you're stuck then any local welder / fabricator can make you one to suit. I have made them myself from plate and tube and its an easy ( low cost ) job.
  12. Its not expensive , its a short term expense rather than a long term expense for petrol to run a generator, or the cost of wearing out your main engine. Well I live amidst farmland and the only noise I hear is at harvest time when the contractors work through the night, a few days a year at most. Normal daily farming doesn't create a significant noise .
  13. Don't CRT advertise the canals as a place for relaxation, peace and quiet, isn't this the generally accepted as one of the best points about the waterways, So isn't the presumption that any noise making is disturbing the peace and quiet that that originally exists ? If their use is restricted then more people will realise that solar on a boat is indispensable ?
  14. There is a quite well known narrow boat with two rudders and tillers on the Grand Union that has a Diesel heating system that automatically starts the engine every two hours to power the heater, it was moored next to us once and the owner was surprised that we didn't like being woken up 5 times every night. If you see this monstrosity mooring up near you make it clear to the owner that its not happening.
  15. Its not a "rule" it's one of the CRT invented licence terms and conditions , but not a bylaw or statutory so there is no lawful way it can be enforced. Edit. There is a way it can be enforced, by going to court but that would involve CRT explaining to a judge their preposterous re interpretation of the 1962 Transport Act and risk their whole fraudulent licencing strategy crashing in flames.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. This begs the question of who is entitled to what, someone to peace on a quiet rural mooring they are paying for or someone that arrives and needs to charge their batteries ? Only one of us is causing a problem and its not me.
  18. Why are we still allowing a minority of selfish ignorant boaters to run noisy open frame generators on their boats while they are moored on visitor moorings and around other boats, especially in peaceful rural moorings that people specifically choose and pay for to enjoy the quiet ? You can guess what my Sunday has been like .
  19. Google the insulation values of kingspan and Rockwool and you will see there is no contest. In my opinion Rockwool should never even be considered for a space restricted and damp application like a boat. Its a low efficiency insulation and absorbs damp, then it sags away from the framing, in bad cases it disintegrates and falls down into a pile of mush at the floor or gunwale level. Also remember that every additional mm of thickness you fit will reduce your future fuel bills, and once its fitted its practically I possible to change. 25 mm of PU foam board is a bare minimum of insulation thickness , it wouldn't even be considered insulation on a building. Its not until you get in the 150- 200 mm region that it you get diminishing returns on cost over insulation factor. ( my boat is 60 mm up to the gunwales and 40mm on the cabin sides and under the floor. )
  20. Not going well for Mr Haywood so far is it ?
  21. A plastic narrow boat would be horrible on every level, strength, wear , looks and stability.
  22. T & G is nailed through the tongues at an angle, the nail heads don't show on the surface.
  23. We have some 20 mm solid oak t & g flooring to install, there is 18 mm WBP ply as a sub floor, is nailing OK for boats ? Or are there better methods ? Any problems or tips anyone has ?
  24. Farming requires SEASONAL WORKERS . seasonal workers are not immigrants.
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