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  1. You won't get £10 for a scrap 110 ah battery. £7 maybe.
  2. People are trying to live aboard with the power consumption of a house with all mod cons and so they are forced to ruin the peace and quiet of the waterways by running engines and generators , every person will tell you " but I only run it 2 hours a day" but everyone else is also doing that too and at random times which adds up on a busy visitor mooring to all day noise and pollution. I got fed up with trying to Keep up with demand so i have refitted my boat to cut out all unnecessary power consumption, water hand pump in the galley, cool box instead of fridge , 500w of solar, LED lights, and a 5 v USB powered tablet instead of a TV. I reckon next year we could survive on one 110 amp hour battery, and switch off half the solar panels in the summer.
  3. In the winter we use a ( non powered ) cool box and we usually buy two bags of frozen items like chips or broccoli every week which keep meat fresh for 3/4 days, after that we have freezer blocks we leave out at night to catch the frost and put in the cool box in the morning. The cool box is in unheated engine room .
  4. Most fridges are fitted in the same cabin that the owner is paying for fuel to heat while at the same time paying for more fuel to generate electricity to cool the fridge , ever think how pointless and wasteful this is ? Both systems are fighting each other and consuming money to do so.
  5. The insulation on off the shelf boat fridges is woefully inadequate, as I posted about before, your life with these things is a constant battle to feed them power which is just wasted away through the thin insulation.
  6. Aldi had the same stove fans yesterday.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. You don't even understand that CRT can't just " get the law changed" . There is no hope for you I'm afraid.
  9. You don't even understand the most basic principles of law if you think that's an answer.
  10. This is what I was asking, thanks for giving a sensible answer. I'm getting the impression that this forum is 80% populated by morons and isn't worth bothering with ?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. You don't have to set foot on a boat to affix a notice . That is obvious.
  13. Please explain how you can " terminate" a statutory licence for breach of something that is not even in the relevant statute. Are you having a laugh ?
  14. Its not their existence its the fact that they are deliberately misrepresented by CRT as a contract and quote.... " any breach of these conditions would entitle the trust to terminate your licence". That means in CRT's case they claim a breach of the contract terms they invented will override statute ( 1995 BW act ) and its a principle of law that contracts cannot override statute.
  15. Question My 500w of solar is laid vertical on my roof and so is not producing now. I have a 12 v - 9amp power supply ( below ) sitting around on a dusty shelf , can I connect this to my MPPT solar charge controller input and boost the charge ? https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B06XHQ7Z87/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all
  16. Well , we've got two engines and a generator running here since 12 am today, both engines are loud clanky lister SR types, one is emitting a cloud of exhaust smoke right opposite us, the generator is on from 12 am to 3 pm every day, and another two engines come on again at 5 pm to 6 pm when the owners get in from work. So basically our quiet rural mooring is now ruined. I'm long term unwell and resting on board at the moment all day , now I'm stressed out and have a constant headache.
  17. You conflated them here .. However, if it comes to CaRT's attention that a boater has persistently been making out of hours noise then they are perfectly entitled to apply the consequences of the signed T&C's, namely to withdraw the licence. After that they are able to use the law which provides powers to deal with unlicensed boats. Already been explained , the licence is statutory , T&C's cannot override statute, the statutory licence can only be revoked under the statutory grounds for revoking it. A. Yes they can , causing a disturbance is a breach of bylaw . B. Explain exactly what action they can take for breach of the ultra vires terms and conditions ?
  18. CRT don't agree that the T & C 's are unenforceable, however much Arthur rants on about it. Everyone signed for a licence on the above basis , fact.
  19. You have conflated a civil contract with a licence issued under statute by a ( partly ) public body . Please don't make me explain the difference.
  20. Arthur Marshal replies to threads only in the hope he can get himself wound up, then when it doesn't go his way he flounces off with a long angry diatribe shouting his half baked opinions , don't be like Arthur Marshal.
  21. This is a fallacy argument because pointing out what the law states and does not state doesn't promote crime or bad behaviour it improves the law, lawyers and judges do this every day, it is part of the legal process to review and define laws. Let me ask these questions to anybody. 1. Do you agree that CRT should make clear which licence terms and conditions are the law and which are codes of conduct ? Or 2. Do you agree codes of conduct can be misrepresented as laws if it fools some people into following them ?
  22. Since it states very unambiguously in the 1995 BW act that a licence must be granted if the conditions and only those conditions in the act are complied with and at no time did BW lawyers or anyone else claim anything different in the drafting of that act then I would think there is a good case to take to court. However no one is interested in doing so because of the costs involved and there is already full protection from unlawful contract terms in law. It seems CRT are not stupid enough to pursue any of these false licence conditions in court, they always back down on them.
  23. You said MOST terms and conditions were unenforceable or illegal, provide some evidence for that or stop sulking.
  24. Like i said , I would be happy for CRT to publish a code of conduct separate from the licence conditions, but I'm not happy with any attempt to misrepresent them as laws or contractual terms, even if misrepresenting them makes them more widely followed. If an organisation requires to control its business then the correct way to do this is via the procedures already in place to petition Parliament to get the law changed. There is no sound argument that an organisation can operate outside of the law IF it thinks that is more effective way to achieve its aims, and anyone arguing for that just because it doesn't affect them yet is naïve .
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