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  1. Thanks for the above advice folks confirming my gut instinct that this purchase would = grief. Onwards and upwards ?
  2. Thanks guys - not cheap new ones are they?! ? What would you regard as a reasonable labour cost to have someone fit one? Any mechanical engineers on here?
  3. Hi all well my boat search continues, a couple of months in now, and we're supposed to be taking a look at one later this week. It ticks all the boxes and looks in excellent nick cosmetically having had a full refit just a couple of years ago but as a boating novice I need some informed advice from you lovely people here. I've been in email contact with the seller and had a lot of questions answered and there is one matter of concern: She has a Watermota Sea Panther diesel engine with a Transadrive outleg. The seller has described the Transadrive as having a "worn forward gear". I've asked for further info and it appears that there is sometimes a bit of a "crunch" selecting forward gear and that the drive is knocking at high revs. I don't like the sound of any of that and to my mind if that was a car gearbox I'd be looking at a rebuild or a new one. I expect the same with this. So my questions - assuming worst case scenario and the drive is close to buggered what are the approximate costs of either getting this one stripped and rebuilt or buying a new/refurb one and having that fitted. A ballpark figure or two would do as I don't have a clue. And apologies for my ignorance but are new sterndrives readily available that would fit the Watermota? I'm quite happy to walk away from this boat but as everything else seems in such good order I'm prepared to buy it if the price reflects the situation with the Transadrive. Cheers all.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations NC. Yes we like Lincoln so could well be an option....
  5. Cheers Alan - I was at the Sawley open day last weekend actually. Went out for a demo on a Nauticus - lovely day for it ? Great info thanks Alan. I'd made a note of Langley Mill as a distinct possibility and will definitely be paying a visit now Thanks Richard. Yes I've bookmarked DMBC already as worth looking into. Thanks for the other recommendations really helpful ?
  6. Hi there Sean here. Not yet boating but intend to be very soon hopefully. Based in the midlands and on the lookout as we speak for a GRP cruiser for our first boat. Very informative site this!
  7. Hi all. My wife and I are looking at buying our first boat and a GRP cruiser seems to be the way we want to go to start with. We live just outside Alfreton in Derbyshire so were just wondering if anyone had any recommendations re marinas/moorings that would be relatively near to us that would give good access to some nice river and canal cruising that would be suitable for novices. I'm currently weighing up the narrow beamwide beam pros and cons ie canal accessibility vs space onboard. I'm also booked on a RYA Helmsman course so won't be completely green and also intend to do a diesel engine maintenance course prior to hitting the water. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. Incidentally is coming to the end of the season a good time to buy? I've reasoned that it would be but if wrong am happy to be informed otherwise!
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