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  1. Hello, im installing a Jabsco electric toilet into my boat and just need a little advice please. I have connected the waste pipe and connected the inlet pipe for freshwater to fill/flush the loo. When I open the stopcock and switch on the pump the toilet continually fills with water. To prevent this do I need to fit a solenoid valve to prevent this happening? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks mate, I'll have a look to see if that's the case. Maybe a rewiring job like you say.
  3. God he's still at it. How do I delete a thread?
  4. Your witty responses far surpass your personality, which is that of a plank of wood.
  5. This is the circuit breaker I have Roland. So when I disconnect the wiring from the two wires from the light, the trip pops out on the breaker circuit and the lights go out. Not sure what current is running through it. I can check when I'm home
  6. Roland, that sounds plausible. I think disconnecting the light is overloading the fuse. Will I simply have to disconnect that wiring from the fuse box then?
  7. Yea this is on my boat. I'm assuming they're 12v, but then again, they are huge batteries so they might be 24V. I've only recently bought the boat, so naturally assumed they were 12V. I'll check when I get in mate. Would that make a huge difference in terms of the fuse popping out each time I disconnect them from the lightbulb? Hi mate, I tried that and the fuse still pops out and no other lights work. Someone suggested putting the wires together but I can;t see that working out to brightly
  8. Unfortunately this isn’t a wind up. I really am that dim. Thanks for the few guys that replied though. It isn’t a 24v set up. When I disconnect the wires from that lightbulb then the fuse goes and non of the lights work. Just wondered how to disconnect it safely and to ensure the fuse stops shutting off. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi guys, Id like to disconnect this light, but when I disconnect it then all the lights on the boat don’t work. Granted I realise that it’s connected to the same circuit all the way around, but how do I disconnect it without disturbing the circuit? Any ideas? A simple solution without having to take feelings down etc would be appreciated. I meant ceilings not feelings...not really concerned about my feelings at this point
  10. Thanks so much for that. Though I'm not using the separate fuel tank. I'm running straight from the main tank. So not sure I'll need an overflow pipe will i?
  11. I see, So you have a rotary pump to supply the fuel from the main fuel tank to the supporting fuel tank for the fire. So, the big nut in the middle of the picture, that's a breather and filler cap? And my 8mm copper pipe should just slot into that once I've attached that big nut to the tank? Ha, I'm actually laughing at my inability to grasp this. So sorry
  12. Ah great, So because it's gravity fed, I will have to drill on the side of the tank. But in theory it's the same practice. I won't need an overflow pipe, so the best bet is the breather and filler cap I think. I will google these now along with Essex fittings. Do you think I should put some sealant on the rubber gasket? Thank you
  13. I think if you put grease around the drill bit it should avoid any shwarf dropping into the tank. I can't really connect it to the fuel filter as the unit is gravity fed. So the higher the fitting to the existing fuel tank the better. The heater fuel tank connector looks good. That might be an option
  14. Hi, Yes I will be drilling straight into the existing fuel tank. That would be an option but I'd have to drain the whole tank which means I'd get all the crappy stuff at the bottom of it. Am I right in thinking that? I didn't want to fully drain the tank if im honest. Thanks so much
  15. Hi, Thanks for your replies. Basically once I drill the hole into the diesel tank, how do go about securing the copper pipe to the fuel tank? Someone mentioned chemical metal to secure a dut around the hole then plug it by screwing in a bolt. Will this be suffice? Thanks
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