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  1. Thanks Flyboy and Dora. I'm not in the best of health unfortunately which is one reason why I do the walks, it helps me a lot. I'm restricted though to about 4 to 5 miles. The links are great and I will probably cherry pick parts of the routes. The Stratford canal looks good, I need to look what rail stations are available in the area. It helps if I can get off at one then walk the canal and get back on at another.
  2. Jennifer, thank you too. I hadn't realized you could do this kind of search on Google Maps, I'll be having a good look.
  3. A small town called Eccleshall about midway between Stafford and Newcastle-under-Lyme. I will have a look at the guides you mention, thank you.
  4. ronymaxwell


  5. I live in Staffordshire and often use the canals for walking as not only are they picturesque (in the main) but they're mostly flat. I travel by bus and train to places I can visit within a day. I'm especially interested in aqueducts but not exclusively. Can anyone make any recommendations please. Googling doesn't bring up a great lot.
  6. Ha! Didn't even notice, sorry. Perhaps I'm related to one of those tin snails you founded (your signature)...
  7. Winding [definition] Use the adjective winding to describe something with twists and turns, like a winding country road or a little winding mountain stream. A path through the woods that has plenty of bends and curves in it is winding, and a river that curls and meanders down to the sea is also winding. The Beatles song "The Long and Winding Road" describes a twisting, indirect road. Winding has an Old English root, the word windan, which means "to turn, twist, or wind." Similar words such as ‘windlass’ have the same root. Definitions of winding [noun] the act of winding or twisting Synonyms: twisting, meandering, torturous Type of: rotary motion, rotation the act of rotating as if on an axis [adjective] marked by repeated turns and bends Synonyms: tortuous, twisting, twisty, crooked having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned A winding hole is unlikely to have anything to do with the wind. It is simply the turning of a boat marked by repeated turns and bends.
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