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  1. Thanks for the replies all, I reckon the glue never came off properly. I white spirited it, then used petrol but thought that did it. It didn't look quite right though and I wondered if the bloody stuff hadn't all come off. I hate that tape. We got the boat 2nd hand and the original owner paid 100k and still got the tape. Rotten stuff. I shall give the adhesive remover a go, any other ideas or advice please let me know. Cheers Craig
  2. Hi everyone hope you're all doing ok, I'm painting the boat sides this year. I'm doing it on the cut. I've already removed that horrible tape stuff that's used as tramlines, I've filled in loads of cuts, scrapes and dents, and undercoated both sides. So now when the boat gets wet, I can still just about see some bits of those tape lines. Damn it! Now I've not the time to sand it back all down again in the hope I can get rid of said lines, but if I paint it in high gloss I reckon they'll stick out and look rubbish....so here comes the question....what top coat do I g
  3. I'm north of Thrupp on the Oxford. What about you?
  4. Thanks for the photo luggsy, you're engine's looking very tidy. I've got the antifreeze, now I need time to do the job! Thanks for the photo luggsy, you're engine's looking very tidy. I've got the antifreeze, now I need time to do the job!
  5. Hi all, I know there's a lot of info already about antifreeze. All I've ever done is topped up the system. I'd like to empty it, flush it and refill. But I've no idea how to do this. My skin tank has a stop cock on it that pisses out water when I'm doing engine service yoga and I know where the calorifier and expansion tank are. That's the extent of my knowledge on this subject. I read other posts and it scared me off the job as I had no idea what people were on about! Can anyone explain to me in terms I understand what it is I need to do? My barrus manual tells me to top u
  6. right, heat gun or hairdryer it is, thanks for the help.
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a go.
  8. Hi all Title says it all really, I need to remove the tape tramlines off my boat. They won't scrape off, so I thought either heat gun or chemical. Not sure how hot the gun gets as don't want burning paint. Any thoughts?
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