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  1. Yes,no problem,you,re just down the road in Manchester,and i love creating anything from wood or steel. You can find me on FB Neil Bentley or 07817 179986,cheers. Ive been on building sites for the last 7yrs,got CIS,C&G,CSCS,CRB,5 million liability,110v gear etc etc,narrow boats are easy compared to building sites or a £20k private kitchen.
  2. Id give you a detailed blow by blow,but you seem more interested in picking things apart than being progressive. I served my time 36yrs ago,did my C&G 36yrs ago,been self employed for 20yrs. Im currently based in Chorley,Lancs,but yes im willing to travel to do jobs. Im just finishing a complete rip out on a 30ft Springer,including new kitchen,fold away front A frame,Cratch board,front decking,full paint job,and its now the only Springer with 2 single beds and a King size bed,kitchen and toilet.
  3. Hi,i am a 51 yr old time served Coach Builder and C&G qualified Cabinet Maker with 36yrs experience ,and have been a self employed kitchen/bedroom fitter for the last 20yrs. After doing a few barge jobs for friends ive been hooked,so now buying a barge of my own and changing my business to modernizing,restoring and renovating narrow boats and cruisers. Im fully mobile,and can offer mobile joinery or welding services. Anyone with any advise or inquiries is welcome.
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  5. Hi,im a time served Coach Builder with 20yrs experience and C&G qualified Cabinet Maker. After spending the last 15yrs fitting kitchens i was asked by a friend to completely gut a 30ft Springer,and totally renew and redesign the interior. Being a cabinet maker with a lot of welding and spray painting experience,i jumped at the opportunity. Getting close to the end now,and im now looking at stopping kitchens and going into narrow boat reiteration/repair work full time. Is there much demand for tradesmen on the narrow boats,and where do people usually look for work? Any queries or advise would be gratefully received,thanks,Neil.
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