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John Wetton

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  1. John Wetton

    Aqualine Canterbury wiring runs

    Tony Brooks - you win the "most useful answer so far" award. Thanks for that. John
  2. Hi folks, Well, I've tried one of the Aqualine dealers to get hold of appendix g of the boat manual, the bit with the wiring and plumbing diagrams and they haven't been able to help ? There must be someone out there with these plans, or even just the knowledge. Need to work out the cable run for the TV antenna in particular, and the access to the underside of it. If anyone knows their way around a Canterbury (version with the bedroom at front) do please get in touch. If you are in anywhere in the Huntingdon / St Ives area there could even be a beer in it for you..... All pointers welcome. Cheers for now, John
  3. John Wetton

    Aqualine canterbury manual

    Maybe not, but it will give me a starting point..... ?
  4. Morning folks, I've just bought a 60 foot x 10 foot Aqualine Canterbury and am trying to get Appendix g of the builders manual (wiring and plumbing diagrams etc). Can any of you help please? I've tried using the contact form on the Aqualine.co.uk website, but after a week I doubt anyone is getting back to me ? Fingers crossed one of you can point me in the right direction...... Cheers for now, John
  5. John Wetton

    Flue replacement for Morso Squirrel

    Thanks for the thoughts guys, It's a straight one, think it's double walled. Corroded to buggery - so going to get new one fitted and get the Squirrel checked out by a pro as we'll be living on board. Cheers for now, John
  6. Hi folks, Can anyone recommend somebody to replace the flue on our Morso Squirrel please? Ideally someone able to travel to Hartford Marina. Need to get flue replaced before recommisioning the stove after buying the boat. All pointers welcome. Cheers for now, John
  7. John Wetton

    Aqualine Canterbury

    Hi Matty, Cheers for that. Do you have contact details for them please? I've tried the contact form online with no reply. Other than that, I've only seen two numbers for sales. Cheers for now, John
  8. John Wetton

    Kayak storage

    Already got 4 kayaks between, so an inflatable is definitely out ?
  9. John Wetton

    Aqualine Canterbury

  10. John Wetton

    Aqualine Canterbury

    Cheers for that Dave, Not looking for perfect, just looking to keep rust at bay ? Considering a deliberate repaint of bow and stern to "book end" the rest of the hull. Thinking ideas through at this stage ahead of completing the purchase of the boat. Cheers for now, John
  11. John Wetton

    Kayak storage

    Thanks for that, confirms my original thoughts. If drill and fix to handrail then definitely won't get any leaks ? Cheers for now, John
  12. John Wetton

    Aqualine Canterbury

    Cheers for that, she's a 2009 boat so will have a manual - need to get the survey done and pay the balance before getting proper access to manuals ? Looking to get ahead of the curve on the jobs list. Cheers for now, John
  13. John Wetton

    Kayak storage

    Hi folks, In the process of buying an Aqualine Canterbury to live aboard and need to sort out secure storage on the roof for a couple of kayaks. Any thoughts on drilling the handrail or welding to the roof? Any photos of existing solutions very welcome. Cheers for now, John
  14. John Wetton

    Aqualine Canterbury

    Hi folks, Just joined the forum after starting the process of buying a 60' Aqualine Canterbury to line on ? I'm sure I'll have loads of questions over time, but just two at the moment - 1) anybody know what paints Aqualine use? We're going to need to touch up the topsides at bow and stern in a few places and want to make sure we use compatible paint. 2) any suggestions on how to secure kayaks to the roof? Need to store 2 (at least). Do people drill the hand rail on the roof, or get something welded to it? Cheers for now, John
  15. John Wetton

    John Wetton


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