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  1. First day out on the bost ,today, engine ran fine. But noticed that the boat tended to sway a lot, as people move about, looking in the bilge noticed there is no ballast , anyone have an idea of how much ballast, weight wise , should go into a 24 fr grp,with a 20 hp engine?
  2. Just bought a 24 ft grp cruiser, the canopy inside is very badly stained, it seems to be made,of vinyl lined with a white fabric, looks like it is badly water marked, have tried cream cleaner to no avail, anyone any suggestions?
  3. Just inthe process of buying a 24 ft Teal grp, cruiser, fitted with 20m hp Honda outboard, the boat has 4 batteries installed and , at the moment it is on a mooring that has a hook up, our mooring has no hook up so am trying to decide on the best way to keep the batteries . charged, a Honda outboard isnt up to the job I wouldn't think I am toying with the idea of,getting a generator,and running it when we visit the boat to top,up,the batteries, dont think the boat roof is big enough to,fit solar panels, Anyone any ideas,on the best way to proceed ?
  4. Hi looking to bring a 24vft grp cruiser from Lemonroyd marina down to Manchester, looking at the route it seems to entail a trip down the Aire and Calder then down the Rochdale canal. My question is the trip feasible in a smallish boar and what would the time scale be, ? Any advice/ tips gratefully received
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