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  1. You maybe right! but amongst their selection of pies they do offer some very unusual ingredients so I'm assuming they are all made on the premises.
  2. If you are ever in Worcester, call in to the King Charles pub, their award winning pies are something else, my personal favourite is the Kate and Sidney (Steak and Kidney) pie with Garlic mash (other types of flavoured mash available). Mouth watering waiting for end of lockdown.
  3. I'm not on the boat so cannot measure my fuel lines but I'm almost sure it was 6mm (it was fitted about 3 years ago so cannot remember what size I ordered) - the fuel lines could have been replaced at some point so I would recommend putting a vernier gauge on your fuel lines to make sure of the size. Also you need to state the voltage - I kept all my electrics at 24v to keep things simple. I purchase from a UK company called I.T.C.O. but I have just looked them up and found no trace of them on google but I still have their contact details on my phone so maybe worth a call: Richard Dunn 07860 323255.
  4. I bolted a 630mm twin v belt pully to the outside of my flywheel (K2) to drive a single 70amp alternator and also fitted an ammeter so I always know what my alternator is doing. Regarding fitting a rev counter, I have a Tiny Tach which picks up a signal from one of the fuel lines which seems to work well.
  5. I use a Champion 8200 dual fuel inverter generator, only ever run it on LPG and lift it onto the canal side along with gas cylinder when in use (and only when away from other boats, houses etc.). As a very rough estimate, I would say I get about 12 hours use from a 13kg bottle. I know you can convert any petrol generator to run on LPG but you will loose any warranty if you purchased say a new Honda. I use my generator to run the washing machine to avoid hammering the batteries - main engine and solar keeps my batteries topped up. One further consideration for you: it is an hassle setting up the generator to run and if I ever purchase another boat with a washing machine, I would make sure it had a built in 240v power source i.e. travel power or diesel marine generator installed.
  6. Thanks for your feedback noddy, can you tell us how long ago you heard this information i.e. was it in the last few weeks and who from i.e. was it Seaward? It would be a big relief to a lot of Kelvin owners if we can give a definitive answer that Seaward are still trading.
  7. I have contacted the advertiser asking the him what information he based his statement on that Seaward were no longer trading but he as so far not responded. I have again today called Seaward but the phone remains unanswered. On a serious note, we are all living under the shadow of Corvid-19 so hoping Andy and John are well and whatever is happening with Seaward is only temporary.
  8. Members on this forum will know that Seaward Engineering were the go to people for Kelvin spares. Run by two ex Kelvin fitters Andy Bruce and John Dick they held the last remaining Kelvin spares manufacture by Kelvin for out of production engines - J's and K's series included. I have been unable to contact Seaward and I have received information (not confirmed) that they are no longer in business. This is a request for information on Seaward, are there any forum members who can share what is the current trading position of Seaward and of the upmost important to Kelvin owners, what has happened to the Kelvin spares held by Seaward. Finally, just on the off chance, do we have any forum members who live in Glasgow who could visit Seaward (in Pollokshaws Rd) and let us know what they find! (I would do this myself but living in the midlands, it a long way for me to go for what could be a wasted journey).
  9. The only major work was a superstructure repaint in 2017. Boats of similar age/length are priced at around the £40k so the owner would get his/her purchase price back after 6 years use which seems a good deal and at £45k the cost of the repaint as well. I'm mystified at the £60k price tag, that's why I was wondering if I had missed something.
  10. Thanks for confirming, I'm going to walk away. I know that the current demand for boats is high (not sure why with the current economic doom and gloom, maybe a topic on it own if not already done) but nearly £60k for a 20 year old boat seemed very expensive and to find out it's asking price when last sold 6 years ago was £20k less confirms my decision. Not sure what's going on, maybe put it on for a silly price just to see if there were any takers but not sure it will do their reputation any good if a buyer found out the true value at a later date or am I missing something?
  11. Sorry for raising an old topic, but does anyone know if Little Blue mention above is the same one that is currently listed on ABNB.
  12. Are you a member of the Kelvin FB site? A good source of information on all things Kelvin.
  13. You will get a number of opinions on here. With respect to Stillearning, the best system in my experience is a solid fuel stove in the middle of boat, this heats all main living area's, saloon, galley and bed room (under tug deck on my boat). I didn't fit a back boiler because of the need to fit big copper pipes for it to thermo-cycle or a pump which means every time you use your fire, you are also using electric and it is something else to breakdown. I fitted Webasto for hot water via calorifier and to radiators if needed - nice to have option to put radiators on when it not cold enough to light a fire. Calorifier also heated from engine and mains electric if required. I would buy a twin coil calorifier (you can join both coils together if you decide to only use one) leaves you options to add say a Webasto at a later date.
  14. I didn't mention the name of the plastic covered boat in question and I know some already were aware but, because it as now been sold and if anyone would like a quick look before it taken of site, the boat name is Scythia listed by ABNB. She is a lovely looking S M Hudson 57tf built in 2000 listed for £65k. Someone has a very nice boat regardless of the plastic coated hull.
  15. I think the reason for not using stainless steel is mainly the cost issue, going to be 3 to 4 times material cost depending on if you use 304L or 316L and its been done with choppy water boats so no reason it could not be done for inland craft. Its fairly easy to stick weld - made numerous brackets etc for my boat. I did see a narrowboat with a stainless steel deck moored at Hawn basin, I had a brief conversation with the owner about using steel and stainless and he said he had used dissimilar welding rods - I would have assumed this would lead to galvanic corrosion but he seem happy with the result.
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