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  1. For ease of explaining the only image I have with the clamp in place.
  2. It has a cavitation plate trust me it's easy enough to lift out ? tried and tested that bit. As for blockage yea it might do that has yet to be put to the test. Worsted case would be to weld the hole in the cover up and as you say stick it out the side. ?
  3. I did consider putting them out a skin fitting but decided this way as having moving pipework would gradually loosen the skin fitting and could cause problems. It's simple enough for me to fit a small tap into the line and just close it off when cruising.
  4. There is a clamp to hold the plate down picture is work in progress ? Yes the pipework is long enough for it to lift out of the way ?
  5. Good morning everyone ? I have recently fitted a access lid above the weed hatch, put in a gutter and drain pipes into the weed hatch. Will I need to put a tap inline to stop back wash coming back up the pipe when cruising or is it too high to have an effect? Looking forward to your views again thanks for your guidance. Kind regards Tim
  6. Oddly enough I have bought a mat for the stern. Thinking you're right I might as well get one for the bow ?
  7. Thanks DRP I am lucky enough to now have the boat under cover and a small amount of control over temperature. Done a lot of spray painting in the past but never rollor and brush off so looking forward to having a go. The roof will be pretty full solar panels plank,poles ect. Don't see much point in walking on a roof either so ... Image of us moving across our yard to the shed for your enjoyment ?
  8. Hi Richard The vents are staggered on the roof. Ignor the two close together one is a temporary cover for a gas flue.
  9. Hi everyone hope you're all well. Currently have a few questions for you wise people ?. 1. First up reference the photo. Is it a problem having an air vent so close to the chimney? 2. I am close to painting the roof and cabin but can't decide on paint type. Roof and deck paint I am guessing is just paint with grit in for grip ? Please correct me if wrong. Not worried about the roof as we won't be walking on it (no room) 3. I will be rolling so what's a good brand of rollor and brush to use. Don't want anything that's going to break up on me. 4. When it comes to hook's and rope tie points should I be looking to use an enamel ? Thank in advance ? Tim
  10. This has obviously stood the test of time. All fixed now ? . Something for people to look out for in the future too ? Thanks everyone for your input a great insight ?
  11. To be fair (not that I am anything) When I first saw it I didn't think anything of it, it wasn't until It was blasted out did I realize and I guess I surveyor would only know on experience. Apart from the few lumps of weld sticking out you would not of know.
  12. Yeah and that ? Give me a 24 speed semi auto dozer transmission, engine or anything mechanical I can fix it. Ask me to write a sentence ??
  13. Sorry predicted text. And I am crap at spelling ??
  14. Ok will do thanks . I did think about putting guides at the ends but it's never ending ? excuse the pund
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