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  1. Thanks Bazza we were originally booked on a one way from Apperley bridge to Barnoldswick , obviously this is no longer possible due to the closures . The hire company has offered us a out and back .I know this is all out of their control but we are still very disappointed not to be able to cruise what we have been told are the most scenic parts of the canal . If there where to be further closures between Gargrave and Bingley or very restrictive lock opening and closing times we would have to seriously rethink our options and would hope the hire company ( Bear boating ) would understand this. We certainly didn’t book a canal holiday to view the industrial delights of Leeds .
  2. Thanks for all the great info? Bollywood Cottage there’s two words you don’t see together very often .
  3. Be careful my daughter went to Lancaster university ?
  4. Its great that we are hearing only good things about Bearboating . As I said before being a typical fella I’d looked at the obvious quality their boats, and really not looked at the canal itself ( probably should have been our first consideration )We have been on some of the Midlands canals in the past , but for some reason when i did look into the L&L canal it seemed to me more daunting (probably me age ) I’m just glad so many of you have been on it and had a great time .
  5. It was tongue in cheek , she’s a good’n my wife, she might have trouble parallel parking a mini, but she has no trouble with a 57ft narrowboat ?
  6. God forbid, women drivers, they’ll be after the vote next ( don’t tell her I said that )
  7. Thanks very much for all your answers, it’s very much appreciated. Looks like the wife will have arms like Popeye from opening all the swing bridges .
  8. Thank you Dave, we are on a one way to Barnoldswick, I suppose what I’m really trying to find out is where would be a good safe mooring (How far are we likely to get ) bearing in mind we probably won’t pick up the boat up until 2 pm
  9. Starting out at Apperley Bridge If my memory serves me correctly .
  10. We recently booked a weeks holiday in August on the L&L canal rather naively more based on the boat than the canal we would be travelling on. We are looking for a quiet holiday and would very much appreciate any advice on where to go and where to avoid .
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