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  1. May be of interest for those in the area of stourport this weekend https://www.igkt.net Incase the link doesn't work 2018 Autumn Meeting will be in Stourport-on-Severn, UK over the weekend of 6/7 October. We have a great venue in this historic waterside town. Booking form, Map and Menu Choice forms available in the News section here.
  2. I posed the question as none of us not want to upset moored boat owners, but at the same time not going so slowly as to cause a nuisance to boats travelling behind if there are rule in place for acceptable speeds limits. thanks all.
  3. So I'm aware of passing of moored boats on the canal 1-2 miles p/h but it seems on the river severn people seem to go alot quicker is this accepted in rivers as they are wider so less likely to cause so much disturbance or that the water is faster flowing so require that extra push or indeed people just not bothering to slow??. For now I've been following the 2mph rule just in case but if I'm missing somthing please let me know. TA Matt
  4. Owners manual on my LB says once a year. Did mine last week made a huge difference.
  5. As mentioned I'm getting work done by DB next month and are well l Priced, I belive he is going away for a few months in November though. http://www.dbboatcovers.co.uk
  6. I was surprised that neither did the engineers at the boat yard pick up this minor issue, as im sure they would have worked on similar issues in the past. It was built 2005 so not old in the boating world.
  7. Prior to moving on my boat a few weeks ago (its a liverpool boats build) I had the survey done with some recommendations one being getting to top bearing around the tiller being replaced due to excess play/vibrations. So having a casual flick through the owners manual I discovered that a grub screw existed near to the grease nipple,a couple of turns with the Allen key, some grease gun action and it's now all good again so l potentially saving a few pounds. I've put this on as I know liverpool boats have a slightly different top bearing assembly to other boats and there have been previous post on this topic.
  8. Well we have just done it we are now liveaboards on our 60ft semi-trad. All going well, My tips. 1.Get used to spiders 2.Learn to duck your head when entering and leaving the boat. 3. Do the RYA IWHC boat handling course. 4. Make sure you have a spare cylinder of gas. 5. Get your engine and Heater serviced in the summer ready for winter. 6. Get a survey done and if you can get it blacked and all other out of water jobs done at the same time ( new anodes, top/bottom tiller bearing replaced and prop shaft replaced if required as its expensive to pull a boat out for such repairs) 6. Get safety critical things checked smoke alarms, extinguisher, gas equipment etc.. anything that if not working could kill. Regards Matt
  9. We are down sizing a vast majority of our stuff even before moving on board the storage will give us a buffer to able to down size further as we go along. We do have a teenage daughter to contend with, but also a couple of hobbies requiring a bit of extra room. We have just started on the loft next stop daughters room? Really looking forward to getting on board now and getting rid of that extra crap we dont need.
  10. We have lots and will give then to charity shops ?
  11. Name and shame!! This is something I had planned to do with our new boat when it gets surveyed at £200 you expect/demand better customer care. Are there are other company's that are recommended ??
  12. Thank you all so far for the kind comments. My plan is to go on the narrow boat engine and electrics maintenance courses for beginners Ive seen these advertised and could hopefully keep down servicing costs in the future as well as the handling courses as my limited experience includes a 1 week holiday.
  13. Hi all, Very new to the forum but long story short sold the house stc and have found a boat we are happy with its going to get a full survey and while I'm at it engine service and fuel polish as it gives us a fresh start. It will allow us then to keep on top with the diesel and engine mantanence. We've had a mix response from freinds and family - mostly positive but some ask about how we intend to down size etc. So we have got storage but we also sold furniture etc as extras with the house which has paid for the above. We are looking forward to the new life style and will spend time in a mooring and cruise at leisure. We were able to take it out for a test and all was well. So I will update as we go and all being well we should be on board mid July. Any snipets of advice very welcome Matt
  14. Hi all After reading through the various posts Its time to introduce myself. So me and the family (3 of us) have decided to put the house up for sale and are just waiting to find the boat that suits our needs. We have almost have almost decided on a boat and have taken her out for a cruise but going to visit Crick show before we commit to ask advice etc and we may find somthing else. We have found moorings etc so in that sense we have some where to live but a daunting and exciting prospect to move from bricks and mortar on to a narrow boat. If all goes to plan we should be on board in July. Regards Matt
  15. Matthew77


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