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  1. Together with the Nicholson and Pearson's Companion I also use the downloadable PDF maps from https://www.waterwayroutes.co.uk/wr/index.html they are cheap and have detailled mooring info (where and how long). Especially handy if there's a color laser printer in your employer's office
  2. Thanks for the advice. I still have to decide whether to turn left at Autherly and try the northern part of Staffs&Worcs, or go south towards Kidderminster. I don't intend to only travel. There's much to see on the way like museums and stately homes and everything. I am not sure however whether the "getting up at dawn" concept will work for me
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. I decided not to push it and leave the Llangollen for the next boating holiday. Will most likely go down the Shropshire and maybe some way into the Staffs & Worcs to take it easy. Will turn around and go back to Norbury after a week or so to be back in time. Am pretty sure there is lots to see on the way. Just paid the hire fee so all is set. Now I'm logging off to watch all the Videos about the Shropshire Union Canal on Youtube (again)
  4. Ah, yes indeed. Forgot about that one. I still find it amazing how easy it is these days to get almost any information simply by browsing the web. Several websites for canal maps, dozens of hours on youtube (CruisingTheCut, Jono, CountryHouseGent, The Tiller People and many more), Canal&River Trust website, forums and whatnot. How did we even survive through the seventies and eighties ...
  5. Am already afraid it becomes an obsession After all there's more than 200 miles of canal to visit. And if I find some crew to share the hire fee, it is even cheaper (at least not more expensive) than the usual (spanish island beach) holiday.
  6. Indeed, that is at the moment my favourite idea. BTW: does it make sense to bring a walkie-talkie? Is there a "boater's chat channel" like the truckers have?
  7. Good and valid question, but I did of course verify this with the hire company as I suspected that not everyone might be happy with a single-handed noob.
  8. Hi all, I booked a boat for a fortnight starting end of June (23th). It is based at Norbury so I will start from there. As a complete boating Noob and single-handed captain, I now look for some nice picturesque route with not too many locks and not too many other difficulties. I know about the Middlewich breech so the ring is no option. Was thinking about the Llangollen up to the end and back but I don't know whether it will be too crowded with boats and maybe generally a bit difficult for a boating newbie. Yes, there are plenty of locks to get there, like at Audley but after all, that's part of the game. I could also go up to Chester or south to the Staffs & Worcs. Also I have no idea how far I can go at all during the timeframe. Also want to visit some of the towns and sightseeing places along the route. Do you have any suggestions? I just ordered volumes 2 and 4 of the Nicholson Guidebooks, I hope they have some recommendations as well. Also have to consult the info the Canal and River Trust provides on the website.
  9. Hi all, my Name is Dirk and I live in Munich, Germany. I'm thinking about getting a boat (of some sorts) and living on it once I'm retired (still 15-ish years to go). Just recently I was aware of the british canals and their narrowboats. As my spring holiday comes up anyway, I decided to give the narrowboating a try and I booked a boat for a fortnight starting end of June. Let's see how I like it
  10. Deltatango


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