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  1. Hi, another rookie question!!! I have a wood burner (so I'm told) which has cracks all around the collar where it joins the top of the stove. Also, last winter it started leaking rain in through the top of the flue pipe somewhere. So, I've just got round to sorting things out for this winter. How do I remove the flue pipe from the collar on the top of the stove, should it 'simply' pull up all be it with a bit of gentle persuasion? At the moment it's not budging.
  2. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. My solar system is happily charging away now.
  3. I'm asking because I booked a BSS inspection with a well known Marina in the midlands nearly a month ago. The inspection was booked for Friday just gone. So knowing that the inspection was on a private boat it shouldn't matter whether it's a live aboard or not? I was taking the boat to the marina but due to a breakdown she's not going anywhere. I checked with the Marina if they could come to the boat and they said no problem. I spoke to them on Thursday just to confirm and then they said they couldn't do Friday now even though the boat is less than three miles from the marina. It was re-arranged for Yesterday morning and after waiting in I got a call to say they couldn't make it after all could they do it this morning. After waiting all morning I phoned them and was told he was on his way, then I got a call a few minutes later asking if it was a live aboard and because she is they said they couldn't do it because there are different levels of BSS. Needless to say I'm right hacked off. Thanks Alan, so basically they should have asked when I booked the inspection whether it was a live aboard or not and if so whether it has a bubble tester. Not leave it till the inspection date.
  4. Thanks Sam, so basically the inspector should have asked when I booked it nearly a month ago if my boat is a live aboard, not wait until now
  5. Are there different levels of BSS inspectors / inspections based on whether the boat is a live aboard or not?
  6. Thanks for all the advice, now to get the job done ?
  7. I don’t believe I do, just a volt meter
  8. School boy question. I want to fit some solar panels to my boat but want to check that I'm going about it correctly as I'm pretty new to working with 12V electrics. Do I or can I connect the cables from the Solar Charge controller directly to the + and - terminals on my battery bank or to the isolator terminals? I know that the best way should be to have the batteries connected to bus bars but my system doesn't have these at present, the batteries are connected to the isolator with an Adverc battery management system and a constant feed to the fridge. See photos. Also is it ok to run the 12V cables from the panels across (at 90degrees to) other electric cables (12v and 240V) in my switch cupboard? Any pointers and advice gratefully recieved.
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