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  1. So back to my original subject: Has anyone of you had a bathroom/kitchen/galley refit? Could you recommend any place where I could have that done? Or any trustworthy person who could help m on my project. I already tried to contact P&S marine, are there others you can think about in the London area?
  2. Thanks! I see a little light at the end of the tunnel now:)
  3. Exactly. And more generally to make it a nice place to live for one person who is not going to cruise, except on day trip. The boat has a permanent mooring with electricity and water, and a pontoon access on the side.
  4. The main problem I have with the current boat is the bathroom, which is dark, badly ventilated and dirty, while the boiler takes 2.5 feet of space.
  5. Sorry for the lack of precision of the drawings, I don't want any steel work done on the front of the boat. When I did the drawing of the current cabin, the drawing template was not made to scale so I had to correct it, and I drew the lines in black to represent the actual current measures of the boat.
  6. No worries, but yes that's definitely an option I will consider as well. in my first calculus, I saw that the sailaway option was probably slightly more expensive but on the other side I have no quotes for the work I want to be done... So I may as well reconsider.
  7. The boat is going to be permanently moored in London 95% of the time and will probably be out for some cruising in the weekend but not much else.
  8. I will also start a building blog on another part of the forum but I just wanted to show the persons who answered the exact idea. A few comments: -I designed the boat with the fit out pontoon keeping in mind that I wasn't going to cruise much and that I would be living on it on my own first, and maybe make it a peaceful place to rehearse and record music in a few years time. So my goal was to have a nice bathroom (not a wet room without windows), to move the kitchen to the back and to have a larger area for living room/bedroom. -Most of the time there will be a double bed at the front of the boat and if I have friends around or I am cruising for the day, i can make it a table for 4 with a nice place to relax next to the stove -The boat will have a pontoon and the entrance will be on the sides -there will be a door to the bathroom All comments and thoughts welcome. And thanks again for your help everyone
  9. So this is the current cabin And this is the project
  10. Very good suggestion indeed! I'll post them here as well. A picture being worth a thousand words.
  11. Actually being both French and new to the narrowboat world, my vocabulary to describe the project may not be as accurate as I would like to... But hopefully in two or three posts I can give an exact idea:) Thanks a lot for your help and comprehension
  12. From your answer I get that basically I have bought a lined boat where all I need to change are the bathroom and kitchen appliances (make sure that the appliances fit with plumbing and electricity but most of it will be ok) and add a new wooden floor. Since the boat is old but very far from being a dirty shell, I think I would spend more money buying a new shell that actually trying to fix this one. But I may of course be completely wrong. I do need to remove the current bathroom and move it to the end of the boat.
  13. The project is not really to scrap everything. Most of the existing fit out is ok especially concerning electricity and plumbing. Given the current plan of the cabin, I also think that I can strip out most of the existing features pretty easily myself. I asked the designer of the fit out pontoon to draw a detailed plan of the new fitout with everything taken into account (electricity, plumbing, new appliances, new mushroom vents). So at least there will be a plan for the work to be done. I am also ready to keep my rented apartment a bit longer, this way most of the work can be done while I am not actually living on the boat. So maybe it can be taken out of the water if I find someone who is willing to work full time on it. Though this would seem to be a small miracle... So Mike maybe if you could give me the names of the firms specialized in fitting out shells, I will have a place to start my inquiries. So reg do you think that it would be a possible option to leave the boat with boat fitters and have people work on it for a few months? Providing I have a detailed plan for the project, do you think it is realistic to ask separate tradesmen to do the work (for example, one for the bathroom, one for the electric cupboard...etc) and that I coordinate all myself? I would actually need a project planner but it seems to be a rare kind of bird, especially in the London area.
  14. definitely I appreciate! but did anyone in this forum have to supervise a total refit of a narrow boat. Do you know company or individuals who would be up for it and who could be good for this job? I really need recommendations.
  15. Thanks for all the answers! Yes the steelwork is in good condition and a complete survey was done in November 2017 which states that everything is ok on this side. Engine is in good condition as well. The whole plumbing and heating was in good order as well. The boat definitely needs a refresh and I can take care of some of the repairs. But the whole goal was to fit it out to my taste and then to live on it. I may be mistaken but it seems that a newly fully fitted narrowboat costs around 75000 and depreciate fast while a very good 50 feet narrowboat on apollo duck costs about 40 000 regardless of the age of the hull (if it has been well maintained of course). The boat alone cost 17 000 and from my first estimations it seems that if I put 12-15 000 I can already have a very nice kitchen, bathroom and change the floor. The rest would be DIY and decoration. So about +12-15 000 for renovation in addition to what I already paid versus +20 000 or +55 000 to buy a new boat (provided I manage to sell the old boat). Oh also I should mention that the boat came with the mooring, so I had to buy it to get the permanent mooring. So I may be mistaken but in this case it makes sense to fix the boat and then maybe sell it and buy a new one after I saved some money again.
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