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  1. I'm not interested any more. Your forum dug me out from the start. I'd rather be a forest than a tree... A hammer than a nail... Me than you. Keep your comfort. I'm off and 'shutting up'.
  2. Thank you Howard. You speak my language but you don't understand it; regarding my posts. I said exactly what I meant. The I had to explain. No worries.
  3. I don't want a skipper! I am one. (Really) Greenfinch is my boat but that is a separate subject that is up for lease as a catering business-not on this forum,just yet. I was just suggesting help with cruising boats,of 12 passengers or less if anyone needed help as I am available...
  4. ...better banter than first replies. Good to know that you have a sense of humour Always good to test the water
  5. Do you know what...keep your male dominated posts to your selves. I do not want to be part of it. You are welcome to your own 'society'. I can speak many languages but not the one you speak-this is a foreign and unacceptable language and form. Of correspondence as well. You are very welcome to keep it to you selves. I am worth more than this. Happy sailing and cruising!!
  6. Ah,I see. Initiation because I'm new to the forum... I have sailed across the world . Twice! But that is not the reason I am here. What have you done in your time on the water?
  7. Because my name may not suit your profile does not mean I am incapable of the title;it is exactly what it says;experienced in carrying 12 passengers through inland waterways-over 12 years experience. So why would you not employ someone with those crudentials if that is what they state?
  8. Ccbm qualified,occupational and confident
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